Monday, November 30, 2009

stupidist thing I've done as a mom version 2.0

I woke up this morning and remembered I still have a blog. Oops. Sorry about the slight bloggy break. I'm sure you were too busy enjoying food, family and store wide savings to be bothered with my silly ramblings anyways.

Anyhoo.... our Thanksgiving was great. Exhausting and full of traveling and assembling and disassembling pack n plays about 26 times per our 4 days gone. Just what a good Thanksgiving should be.

And to top off our Thanksgiving festivities I pulled my all time, "I'll never do that when I'm a mom" boneheaded feats!!! Yes, its true, I really topped myself this time.

I WENT OUT ON BLACK FRIDAY. At 4:30 in the morning.. to TARGET. Somebody shoot me in the head, please.

I wasn't intending to. In fact, I'm pretty sure somewhere along my 37 year journey called life, I have declared I would never set my alarm for an hour that begins with a 4... but I did. It happened because I *just for fun* checked out the Target add on Thanksgiving day. And there IT was. The ONLY toy that Olivia has consistently asked for and wants from Santa. For a $50 savings. A $100 toy for $50. There's not much in life that would make me get up and leave my bed at 4:30 am, but apparently a $50 savings is my price.

I stumbled out of bed, put on some warm sweat pants and opened the door to, wait for it, SNOW. Oh yes, if you got out of bed at a normal hour you would have never known it because by the time the sun actually rose, it was a beautiful sunny and dare I say, warm day. But at the ungodly hour called the middle of the night, it was snowing.

So when I pulled up to the Target parking lot and saw the line wrapping all the way down the strip mall (from one end to the other) I made the executive decision to stay in my car until they opened the doors at 5 and then jump in line once it was moving. Well, my adrenaline finally got the better of me, because by 4:55 I just couldn't sit in my car any longer. As I strolled to the back of the line, I heard someone yell to the very first guy in line, "Hey, what time did you get here?" Crazy first in line guy yelled back, "9:00 last night." Hmmm... hope that t.v. is worth it, buddy.

As I made my way to the back of the line I realized the circular said the first 500 guests in line got a free reusable tote bag. Yep. didn't score one of those. So by 4:55am there were over 500 people in line. By the time I made it to the doors (the girls behind me timed how long it took us to get to the doors- 4 minutes) the crazy first guy in line came strolling out with a satisfied grin on his face and a large t.v. in his cart. Good job, crazy guy.

What about me? I made my way, quickly- but without running-, to the toy aisle. I asked the Target worker where I could find the Disney Princess Vanity mirror on sale for $49.99? She pointed to an empty shelf and said, "Well, they WERE right there. Guess they're gone." With a *wee bit* of sarcasm in her voice, unless I was just feeling sensitive. No, I'm pretty sure it was sarcasm! So when I looked at my watch as I headed out the door it was 5:14am and I was empty handed. I climbed back into my warm van and was snuggled up under my covers by 5:30. Stupid!

Well, lesson learned. Unless I'm willing to put in the really hard and really stupid work of pulling an all nighter at the local Target- which I'm NOT, Santa is just going to have to fork over full price and deal with it. Except P.S. there is an amazing thing called Cyber Monday and I'll have you know that I was able to order FROM THE WARMTH OF MY OWN HOME a very similar Little Mermaid vanity mirror for $49.99, thankyouverymuch. So take that you Disney vanity mirror, revenge is mine. Until Christmas eve and there is *some assembly required* but that's what daddy's are for, right!?

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jenny from mommin' it up said...

You CRACK me up!! That was a very enjoyable read, and I hope you learned your lesson. Hee hee!