Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cookie lessons, I knew there had to be such a thing!

Because we already sent out 200 Christmas cards (not an exaggeration) I couldn't send it to everyone. If you got skipped this year, sorry. Consider yourself not skipped. However, my scanning abilities leave little be desired, right?

Last night Steve and I took the kids out on what I plan to make a Christmas tradition. I loaded up 5 plates of cookies, signed a few more cards and bundled up the kids for a walk around the neighborhood to deliver the treats. It was a cold night but we didn't go too far. And each kid got "paid" with a cookie to join us.

It was really fun to knock and see the surprised neighbors' faces. No, we did NOT sing, because then I'm sure the look of delightful surprise would have turned to horror. We're not exactly what you would call a musical family. Talk about surprised, you should have seen the lady who had the "incident" last month when she opened the door. I'm pretty sure everyone in the neighborhood is keeping their distance from her right now. She thanked us for our prayers following her house fire and the incident and even asked where we go to church and said she might like to join us some time.

A new young couple moved in across the street, so this was a good excuse to go meet them and welcome them to the neighborhood. It turns out the husband cut most of his finger off last week on a home project. Hopefully, Steve will be able to pop over again and see if he needs anything.

The guy who lives with us (we have a one bedroom rental unit in our house) was surprised and even embarrassed to see us at his door. "But I don't have anything for you guys." Well, Jim... that's not the point!

We got home and warmed up and Olivia said, "But nobody gave us anything, mom." YES!!! What a perfect teaching moment for my little three year old. "I know, Olivia. The thing about gifts is that you give them not to get something back. You give them to make the other person happy." She looked at me and then thoughtfully said, "Yeah. We've got enough stuff around here anyway." Ahhh.. I wonder where she's heard that one before?

All in all it was a sweet family memory that I hope to re-create many more times in the future. So, I guess all of the baking really did pay off. Not to mention, I'm glad to be getting all that temptation off my back porch (which has been my temporary freezer since there wasn't enough room in my real one.) Next time you're in the neighborhood, swing by and help yourself!

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