Tuesday, December 8, 2009

fa la la la losing it

Holiday madness is in full swing around here. Friday night was a Christmas party with the women I work with, Sunday night we hosted a leaders' meeting with the students we work with at UD. Last night was our annual student party on campus (something that is a highlight for me every year.) There was an ugly Christmas sweater contest. Life did not afford me time to hit a thrift store, so I wore antlers instead.

But this is my friend, Anne, she won the contest with this dress she made herself. It was a doozey.
We always do a white elephant gift exchange at the party. With college students, you never know what you're gonna get. This year the hot ticket item was a hobby horse. This freshman guy became the *lucky* owner. Its always a good chance for Steve and I to unload some crap from our attic. This year was no exception! We really need to move so that we can get rid of some of the stupid stuff we've accumulated over our lives. Either that or have a Christmas party with college students every week!

This afternoon I'm having 20 student girls over for appetizers and a cookie exchange. It's going to be super fun but I need to clean, set up, prepare appetizers, pick Olivia up from school and get the boys lunch all before they get here at noon. Yet, here I sit blogging. Ahhhh... priorities.

Right after the party I have a chiropractor appointment and then I'm turning around and heading back to campus for a super fun event I'm taking Olivia to. They call it Christmas on Campus, and it's mostly for inner city school kids. The college student *adopt* a kid and buy them a gift and then take them around campus where there are tons of things to do. Crafts, snacks, games, performances etc. They school bus the kids and then bus the kids back to their schools where their parents pick them up. The event is also open to people who work there and their kids. But they don't get to be taken by the college students. So I'm taking Olivia and some of our student friends/babysitters are meeting us to walk with us.

Then the week goes on with more parties and Saturday, the Nutcracker. Its a busy week, but filled with super fun things.

By the way, the pictures on Friday went really well! Shannon did a great job. I'll probably post a few of the pics here in a few days. We are using a few of them for our Christmas cards and have a few to use for our kids' portraits. Yay!

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