Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm dreamin' of a wide Christmas

Because that's what I'm going to be, now that I've found a place nearby that serves Funnel Cake FRIES! Couldn't believe my eyes when I went with a friend to pick up a pizza one night and discovered THIS. She couldn't believe HER eyes when I whipped out my camera from my pocket and snapped a photo. *Clearly* Amy needs to read my blog more often... then she would have fully understood my obsession with all things funnel! (You really can't expect anything less from a pizzeria called, "Between the buns!") Ohio really IS the heart of it all!
But even more important than finding a source to get my funnel fix, I brought out the Christmas decorations over the weekend. I feel like I got off on a technicality (since I don't normally decorate until this coming weekend) by NOT putting up the Christmas tree. Because there are 2 rather disobedient/mischievous boys and 1 REALLY bad dog living in our house, we have a table top Christmas tree (which goes against all things good and right in the world, but hey, it works for this season of life) and I will wait until AFTER Thanksgiving to put that up.
But in the meantime, I lugged all 9 of the 50 lb. Rubbermaid containers from the attic to the downstairs so that I could re-decorate our house for 5 weeks.
Isn't it really just the stupidest thing ever? WHO DOES THAT? Americans, that's who! As I was muttering under my breath about all the work (even the plates get changed around here for the month... stupid) I was secretly LOVING it.
Maybe even more this year. Because for the first time I had a little apprentice. Olivia was in heaven. As I got certain things out of boxes she would gasp in excitement, "Mom! I remember THAT." Or "Look mom, its the Nutcracker toy Bebe got me" (I had certain words reserved for that toy myself, but I kept them to myself... curses on your head, Bebe!) She was riding high for a few days!
And so weird, but the boys LOVE this snow globe that plays piano Christmas music. Pretty sure my mom got it off QVC a few years ago. Worth it's weight in gold I tell ya.
I know the next stop on the holiday train is Thanksgiving. But a girl can't get too excited about the whole holiday season, right?! And although this picture of Turner in no way shape or form has anything to do with anything, I had to include it because isn't it just the cutest thing??!! The kid found these glasses in the toy chest. They used to be O's when she was a toddler and he wore them around for about 20 minutes. Hey, when you get a laugh, you gotta ride that wave!
Life currently is presenting some challenges, but all in all I have to say... 'Tis the season to be jolly!

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KTC said...

just try storing Christmas decor in a NYC apt! limits the number of boxes! However, I too, have Christmas plates. love them. Last year used them till March -- decided they were good as "winter" dishes, and not just Christmas.