Monday, November 16, 2009

Home sweet home

I'm doing something this morning that I'm not very used to, or very good at for that matter. I'm spending a quiet morning at home with the boys. Last night we were hosting our small group from church where we hire some college students to babysit the 9 kids that attend. The group was just wrapping up when Olivia came downstairs and announced, "Quinn just threw up."

Great! Naturally, I was concerned about Quinn (he hasn't spent a day sick since he arrived home, and I even include the day of surgery and the day after) but I'll go ahead and admit it, I may have been even more concerned for myself. Did I just catapult into the role of *that mom* who has the barfing kid that launches barf fest '09 throughout my group of friends!? "I swear I didn't know he was sick before having all of your sweet little ones in his midst and sucking on his toys for the past 2 hours... sorry."

The 2am wake up call with a son raging a 103.8 degree fever. Crap, I TOTALLY am that mom. Although it was sweetly pathetic to hold a human inferno from 2-3am, selfishness was intermingled with selfless compassion. Thoughts of "Who did this while he was in the orphanage?" ran through my mind followed close behind, "Guess I won't be going to Pilates in the morning, or that really fun birthday party for our friend Sophie tomorrow."

So here I am, thinking "Gosh, I'd just now be doing my leg workout at Pilates right now" as the clock hits 10am (and I have rather mixed emotions on the subject) but realizing its just kind of good to have a quiet morning with the boys, playing with their toys, watching Sesame Street as I clean my house and am not rushing here and there. Is this what *normal* stay at home moms do? Hmmm... maybe there is something to this whole stay at home part that I should practice more often.

PS. as an added bonus of staying around the house this morning, Turner tinkled on the potty for the first time ever! He was pointing at his diaper and mentioned his bum, so I asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty. He said, UH HUH and the rest is history. I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle that one yet but the dawn is on the horizon.

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