Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who's the laziest blogger of them all?
You say it's me, because I'm just now getting to my Halloween post?
Stupid mirror, what do you know anyhow?
I know I let the cat out of the bag last week by saying that the kids went as Snow White and the 2 dwarfs (thanks to Target... YES... I did have to buy a SECOND Snow White dress because the first still has not turned up... and Steve's Aunt Debbie for the dwarf outfits.)
Let's just say this will probably be the last year mom gets to decide what the boys get to be. And I'm *pretty sure* their picks will NOT include anything with beards!
They were suppose to be Happy (Quinn) and Bashful (Turner) but apparently they both went as Grumpy.
The beards stayed on long enough for me to snap a few shots. Turner at least wore the hat for most of the night. Quinn... not so much.

I thought it was a really cute idea, the group costume and all. But when 2/3 of the group throws a coup and you have to spend the whole night explaining who they are, cute idea turns into pain in the rear. But after all, isn't the spirit of Trick or Treat night candy and tearful photo ops for the parents?
The weather forecast left little to be desired for my little beggars (and Baxter!) But apparently the weather guy at Fox 45 didn't get the memo, because it ended up being a rather nice evening.
Such a nice evening that we did more houses than ever before which brought home some nice loot. Quinn adapted rather quickly to this strange American "holiday." He would run from house to house, hold out his plastic pumpkin and say as best he could, Trick or Treat. As his plastic pumpkin got heavier and heavier I asked if he wanted me to carry it for him in between houses, to which he yanked it from my general direction and declared, "NO! Mine. My pumpkin." Are you sure there isn't a Greedy dwarf?
After we got home, at one point Quinn had 3 unwrapped suckers and he was working on all three at one time. It was so cute if not a bit glutenous. Which begs the question once again, is it really true that I did not birth this child?
It was a fun night, full of tears, laughs, memories and sugar highs.

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Colleen said...

I'm sorry but those crying dwarfs are making me LAUGH out loud! I am quite impressed with their candy "haul", though.