Monday, November 9, 2009

W.O.R.D. Up!

So, I've included some pictures of the kids that really have nothing to do with this post, nor really have/need any explaination. So enjoy the kids and please put up with my drivel- I really need you today.

Things around here have been ridiculously good. In light of a kid who is a week out of surgery, things are business as usual. Loud. Fighting. Whining. Crying. Laughing. Singing. Eating. Stuff like that.
As for Quinn's lip... amazing. Even with all the swelling, bruising, crusty blood and boogers, he looks amazing! (Spoken like a true mama, cuz right now he's got a nose situation only a mama would think looks amazing.) I will post pictures when he is more pleasant to look at. Until then, take my word for it. This kid continues to be a walking, giggling, talking miracle.
Speaking of talking; both boys are amazing me with their linguistic skills as of late. I know I'll soon regret this statement, but it has been SO fun recently to have both boys increase their vocabulary. Turner just this morning held up his cup and declared, "Milk!" I know that shouldn't be news worthy, the kid IS nearly 2. But he is a man of few words so when he declares milk, cookie, Baxter, movie, pumpkin or NO! it is fun for me.
And then there's Quinn. He is a virtual parrot and it annoys Olivia to no end. "Quit saying what I'm saying" is her mantra these days. I keep trying to explain to her that this is how Quinn is learning English. And boy is he picking it up! His favorite new phrase this week, "Thank you, Mama." EVERY TIME I give him something (and it doesn't matter what it is) he responds with a heart melting, "Thank you, Mama." I told Steve that Quinn is liable to be 300 lbs. soon because I'll give him whatever he wants to hear that (I *might* be a tad bit emotionally needy, I'm open to that.)
The only one who is not melting my heart these days is Olivia (with her words that is. She melts me in tons of other ways.) I've recently had to soap my finger and "wash her mouth out" twice. Please don't contact Social Services on me. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And I KNOW Super Nanny would not approve. But I've been at my wit's end with Miss lippy. I warned her. And then I followed through. Let's just say, she thinks twice now about sassing back.
Well, with all the words around here, its a wonder I've got anything left to say here. But really, this is the only place I get a word in edgewise. Thanks for the adult conversation, blogosphere. I appreciate the listening ear.

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