Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nip & Tuck, toddler style

Tuesday was the big day. Quinn went in for his plastic surgery. He had a cleft lip revision and another *thing* revised. But I've learned my lesson with typing out the word. Weird people lurk on the Internet.
Quinn was all smiles heading down to Cincinnati Children's. Playing toys, charming nurses and although he wasn't allowed to eat or drink all morning, he was super cute.

All went well on both surgical fronts. He was under for about 2 hours and both doctors declared complete success. Thank you, Jesus! I knew that neither procedure was life threatening, but I was worried about about anesthetics. You just never know.
But we got to visit him in the recovery room where we found this!
A sleeping boy (who slightly resembles Chairman Mao, don't you think?) who's nose is incredibly different and who's lip, time will tell.
I feared the worst when he woke up (they warned us it could be rocky.) But really, he did quite well. He pretty much only cried when they checked his blood pressure and...
tried to wheel him down the hall on the gurney to his room. So, in order to keep him consoled, I took a ride with him.
I have to say, I felt a bit self conscious (it is Children's Hospital, after all) it's not exactly like there are tons of adults riding around on stretchers there. But it did seem like having mommy in the bed with him comforted him.
A few hours after getting settled in the room, we ordered him dinner. He scarfed down some Mac 'n Cheese, animal crackers and chips. He was very snugly and slept a bunch (he was pretty heavily medicated) which left Steve and I to channel surf and enjoy some quite.

Let's just say I O.D. on TLC. I'm totally up to date on Jon and Kate and any form of Little People!
Quinn had a fine night's sleep as long as they weren't coming in to check his blood pressure, machines weren't beeping, he wasn't rolling over and pulling out cords etc. So, yeah, sleep stunk... but not because of pain. Thanks, God.

So in summary, my baby boy looks like a prize fighter. He is a champ. And he is going to be one handsome guy!!!
We are so glad this is behind us. The one thing I've been worried about since we receive the referral is now in the history books. I have a new found love of history.

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