Saturday, February 28, 2009

Why does Mother Nature hate me?

A week ago today the 4 of us boarded a plane headed for the South. Hilton Head to be exact. (Steve had meetings for work- I SWEAR.) Normally, this would have been daunting with a VERY active one year boy, except I kept telling myself we'd already done this once all the way to China and survived. Plus I just got done watching an episode of John and Kate Plus 8 where all 10 of them went from the East Coast to Utah and survived. 2 little kids, to little 'ole South Carolina, ain't no thang.

Except one minor detail- when Buckeyes head down south in the middle of the winter, we want to wear shorts, bask in the sun and deny reality for a few days. Instead, we froze our pale little patooties off! However, the Koproskis did see their shadows, I think that means 4 more weeks of winter, or something like that.

Even though Olivia had to wear two coats and Turner had to wear several layers, I managed to wear capris each day (which left me cussing because it was dang cold!) But I did get to sport my cute new pair of Old Navy hot pink ballet flats (which won't re-appear now until well into May because who wants to tromp through snow in hot pink ballet flats?)

Because it was too cold to head down to the ocean (we tried it the first day and I came back with a double ear ache) we stuck to dog watching in the harbor instead. I promise, if there is a dog around, Turner would be set for the day. The people down in Hilton Head KILL me with their dogs. O was quite impressed with a dog named Fergie. Fergie was a little yappy kind of thing that had bows in her hair and her nails painted. Are you kidding me???
It really didn't matter what the weather was like outside, because life was JUST RIGHT inside Grandma and Papa's condo. Turner and Olivia were spoiled rotten (as were Steve and I) all week. Such a fun time.

And lucky for Turner there were cupboards galore. If he can take things in and out (and if there is a dog around) he is really REALLY happy. So to sum up our week in Hilton Head:
weather= big bummer
family= delightful
break from bitter cold and snow= amazing
weather greeting us back in Dayton= exactly the same as Hilton Head...Mother Nature's cruel joke on me. Boo Hoo.. poor me, I know you are already slicing the cheese to go with my whine!

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Mom2Twins said...

Elizabeth- We loved hearing about your trip to Hilton Head. So true about us buckeyes wanting warmer weather...we're planning a little trip south ourselves...w/o children :o) Thea