Sunday, February 8, 2009


It was a long weekend. I'm fried. The remedy for a tired, weary mama at 9:10 on a Sunday night-- really bad tv. As I flipped around our 6 channels, I instantly found what my exhausted soul was looking for. It felt like an episode of the old show Name That Tune. Within a split second of the tv landing on the CW, Steve and I both yelled out, "Teen Wolf- YES!"

Now, I cannot tell you when the last time I watched Teen Wolf would have been. But I will tell you that at some point in my early teen years I had set my VCR to a movie channel and taped Teen Wolf. I watched that video (commercials and all) over and over and over. Michael J. Fox had definite influence in my life at that point in time (I ONLY drank Diet Pepsi for years because he had a series of Diet Pepsi commercials around the same time.)

Even now as I type, I am enjoying a wolfed-out M.J. (as I called him back in the day) put on a white tux, blow dry his face and go to the prom. Honestly, I can't freakin' believe how big the hair in this movie is. What's more, I can't believe MY hair was even bigger.

And it has such an important social message (as all "good" 80's movies did.) "I am what I am." Oh, and the special effects... how his eyes went from blue to red back to blue when he got angry and turned into the wolf, very realistic!

If you had Michael Jackson pins on your jean jacket, teased your bangs as high as they could go and loved a good pair of Treetorn tennis shoes- you too may enjoy a stroll down memory lane. Hit this link and have some fun. Oh, and Steve's closing comments: "Michael J. Fox is NOT a good athlete." In this movie, that is the least of his worries!

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