Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tidiness is over rated!

Yesterday was a window into what could be.

We had a showing of the house last night. (IF you're keeping track, that's exactly 2 in the last 4 months.) Because of the CRAZY past week and a half there has been very little margin for me to clean up the house and get it show ready. (In fact, I'm not sure there is enough margin in the next 6 months for it to be show ready, but whatever). So yesterday, after I took my Chinese friend, Susan, with the two kids in tow, to the dentist for a root canal (yes- you CAN imagine the horror of that song and dance all the way around) I set my buns in high gear.

So, what I learned was that if I took 5 hours each day and didn't do anything else and was the toy nazi, my house would look awesome. I got rid of some of the obvious clutter (although Steve did find me out when he opened the receipt drawer and papers and all kinds of obvious clutter exploded in his face) and bagged up MORE toys and books for Goodwill. (FYI the Pink Disney Princess pop tent my mom got O for her birthday is even BIGGER and PINKER than originally suspected. It is at least 6 ft. by 5ft. and is possibly the most obnoxious gift ever given to a grandchild. Thanks, Bebe!)

I would give my right arm for one of those TLC shows or HGTV shows to come in and give my house a clutter make over. But since I've got a better shot at having pigs fly out of my rear, I'll just keep plowing along and hope for more frequent showings (just so that I can keep my house presentable.)

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Mommin' It Up! said...

Elizabeth! Next time you have to take two kids to the dentist, please DON'T and drop them off at my house!! Goodness girl! You are a saint.