Sunday, February 1, 2009

A crummy friend

One of my favorite things about my job are the friends I've made over the years. Erin is one of them. Erin played softball at UD and graduated last year. It was sad to see her go. She got married in July and it was honestly like seeing my little sister get married. I had the privilege of giving the charge at their wedding.

(It was also at their wedding where I learned a valuable lesson-- check to see what color the bridesmaids are wearing if you are speaking in the ceremony. Totally by chance, I wore a dress THE EXACT same color as the girls and it totally looked like I was trying to match. Erin "claims" it made her look organized. But I thought it made me look like a total 36 year old bridesmaid wanna be. Awkward.)

Erin was also one of the first people to visit us at the hospital after Olivia was born and held her hours after her arrival. Needless to say, she is a special person around here.

No matter what kind of history you have with a person you better keep a close eye on who eats snacks around your kids :) After enjoying a brownie (and Turner, some Nilla Wafers on her lap) Erin looked down and said, "Oops, I got brownie crumbs on your kid's head." And true to my blogger self, I said, "Wait, don't wipe 'em off yet-- I gotta get my camera!"

The moral of the story is either never trust a former UD softball player (hopefully she handled the ball better than her brownie) or never trust a blogger (all mistakes in life are subject for public display and fodder for a good post!) Thanks for spending time with us yesterday, Erin-- we love you!

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