Friday, February 20, 2009

3 years of Olivia fun

One of the biggest adjustments for Steve when we got married was how my family does holidays. Growing up as an only child, let's just say I *may* have been a bit over-indulged. We refrain from using the word spoiled...but because there were no siblings to share the limelight with the world did, on occasion, revolve around me.

We didn't just have a birthday in our house, we had "birthday week." And so, it seems, the tradition may have accidentally carried on. (Although after this birthday week, there may not be a repeat, I'm worn out!)

I thought O may enjoy a dinner on her actual day where the waitstaff come and sing to you. We had a bogo free coupon at t.g.i Friday's, so that seemed like a no brainer. Girl is NOT a fan of balloons. You know, they might pop and stuff like that. So when three waitresses came to the table with balloons, the look on O's face was a bit less than appreciative. (She suddenly grew a fond affection for balloons when I gave one to Turner and he enjoyed his. Funny how that works!)

She was, however, a huge fan of this ridiculously large sundae they brought out after singing a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday. Seriously, this sundae was bigger than anything an adult would order- and she didn't want to share. And you know what, in honor of birthday week, I didn't make her.
So, my baby is three. Some people get all mushy gushy and don't want their kids to grow up. Maybe I'm heartless, but I LOVE watching my kids grow up. I'm so proud of who she is and think she is a blast. She is so unique and so full of drama and flare. In fact, about three days ago she decided to start calling me MiMi. (??? you're guess is as good as mine!) The crazier thing, I've started responding. I don't know if now that she's three she thinks she's too old to call me mom or what. But it's been very consistent. So, I'm not sure if for the rest of her life I'll be MiMi around here, but to be honest, I kind of like it. I'm not sure what year number three holds for all of us around here, but one thing is for sure, it will not be predictable.

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sangju said...

MiMi...:) I love it. I can't believe Olivia is 3 already. Well, Selah hit her 1 1/2 birthday on 3/1 already! I love watching her grow too... I can't wait till she can talk to me in sentences. Although she does say stuff like, "I don't want to eat it" which is much simpler in Korean.