Monday, October 4, 2010

A whole new world

Well, we did it. Yesterday afternoon we made our way to Disney Princesses on Ice. Steve stopped by the box office last week to buy tickets. It saved us nearly $20 to go and get them ourselves. They'll soak you on those *handling fees*. What the heck are those anyhow? Seriously, what do they have to *handle*? Anyhow... because Steve went in, he also had the lady find us the BEST seats that our low brow money could buy (we're talking cheap seats people.)
Well, Steve done good. When we went looking for our seats, I couldn't believe how close he got us. You can see the ice and the castle behind O. That was taken from our seats. We could actually see people's faces and make eye contact when they waved. (Shoot, up until now... I didn't even know people in shows had faces!)
There are a few things I learned while going to Princesses on Ice. First, I learned when you go to a show that involves ice and ice skating... it's cold. Really cold. You should wear socks. And bring a blanket.
I also realized I have an internal struggle with *being a good parent.* There was ALL kinds of crap you could buy your kid. There were light up wands. Light up wands that spin around. Light up wands that spin around and are fans (NOT recommended for an ice show, especially if you didn't wear socks!) There were snow cones in commemorative princess cups (once again with the freezing cold, what the heck are these people thinking?) Cotton Candy available with a crown complete with Mickey Mouse ears. FOR TEN DOLLARS. Seriously, $10 for cotton candy. What the flippity flap? I nearly broke down and bought popcorn. But it was $7. You could also get your child's photo taken with a plastic Cinderella for $20. And the line was a mile long.
My internal struggle sounded like this, "Gosh. Look at all these people buying stuff for their kids. It's all crap, but maybe my daughter is missing out. Maybe I'm just a cheap skate. She would be happier and like me better if I got her a light up wand that spins around and makes her really really cold during this really cold performance." But then reason would chime in, "Yeah, but the real treat is coming to this show, not all the trinkets. She has a million wands at home. If she got one that spins around some one would end up losing an eye when Turner got a hold of it. Plus, for the $7 box of popcorn, we could go and buy dinner out somewhere. And it would be good. You are a good parent if you don't fall for this stuff." I literally battled the ENTIRE two hours we were there.
Thankfully, reason won out.
Olivia did amazing. She never asked for anything. She didn't even ask for popcorn. She enjoyed the show. Oooed and Ahhhed at all the appropriate places. She sat on my lap the whole time and thanked me on my way out. We had a great time together.
We even stopped at the mall on the way home for pretzels and icees (for only $5!) and were better for it. But it was so interesting how those inner voices arose in me. I want to spoil my kids. I want to love my kids. I want them to have the best. And I think yesterday she did.
Unlike the situation 7 seats down our row. About 10 min. before the show started this guy and his 11 year old daughter sat down. Within 5 seconds the dad spilled his ice water all over the floor under his seat. He then proceeded to mother f this and that quite loudly. I was really glad they were far enough down the row so O couldn't hear it. Seriously, you are at a KIDS show. Watch your mouth, dude. Then he tried to get the snow cone guy to clean up his mess. Goodluckwiththat. Then he bawled out the usher, took it upon himself to move up 2 rows to some really nice seats and when questioned about it he said, "I shouldn't have to sit in ice water the whole show." (He forgot to include that HE SPILLED IT HIMSELF.)
My guess is it's probably because his parents bought him popcorn and and a bunch of balloons at the circus when he was 7!

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Colleen said...

Sounds like it was a magical day out with your girl!