Monday, October 18, 2010

Class is our middle name

I finally made my way to the attic this afternoon and brought down my 3 Halloween decorations. I have a scarecrow, a pumpkin tin and a decorative bowl that we will fill with candy the night of trick or treat. (Oh, and a candy corn table cloth... is that a decoration? If yes, then I have 4!) A few weeks ago I did manage to get some delicious smelling candles from Bath & Body Works and I filled a few vases with faux (a fancy word for fake) apples and pears. Making the fall-i-fiaction of my home complete.

Since we painted the downstairs and I've de-clutterd (a bit) I've wanted to keep the decor classier. Minimalistic, if you will. Plus, I've never been one to really decorate for Halloween. I've always said, I will support my children in dressing up and hauling in unhealthy amounts of free candy, but I don't really celebrate the *holiday.* There are many opinions out there, but that's just the way we approach it. One thing is for sure: I do NOT like having ghosts and witches in my house. So we stick to pumpkins and scarecrows and things that are more fall like.

When I brought my three decorations down and spent my ten seconds decorating, you would have thought I was mother of the year around here. There were three little kids dancing around the living room, jumping up and down and chanting my name (mommy, not Elizabeth) at the top of their lungs. It was so fun.

Now I see how a parent might get suckered into buying one of those inflatable Dracula's for the yard! Don't hate me if we have one by the end of the week. Because class is in the eye of the beholder.

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Connie said...

I love this, because I, too, have about 3 fall decorations. Right now they are up in the attic and there is a big table in the way so I can't access them. By the time I get to them, it will be Christmas, I'm sure. I guess there won't be any dance parties around here...