Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm confused too!

For some odd reason, that I still have not gotten a straight answer for (but then again, who have I really been asking?) we had our trick or treat on Saturday night.

Which was really fine by me. I'd rather have it be on a non school night.

The weather turned out to be much nicer than they had predicted.

And please forgive me for the multiple shots of my Little Bo Peep, but I just couldn't help myself when she started posing like she was a dang super model.

In her $17 Wal Mart costume. That she put on 8:30 that morning. Can you say, drive your mother crazy?!

With her free Bath and Body Works 2 1/2 year old lamb.

But she was really workin' it. And I loved every minute of it.

Before we headed out, I made pigs in a blanket. And broccoli. Everyone had to eat one piece of broccoli before they were allowed to eat any kind of candy. And for some reason trick or treat night screams pigs in a blanket. What can I say?

Before we headed out, 3 different neighbors came TO US to deliver special treats because they were going to be out for the night.
My kids made out like bandits. One brought fancy cut out cookies from a gourmet bakery. Two others brought BAGS full of full size candy bars for each of the kids.

There are now two separate stashes. Because, seriously, there is so much candy from just the special deliveries that my kids would have to go to Weight Watchers just from finishing those alone.

My kids were SO FIRED UP to get out there, that once the first clock in our house said 6:00, we were out the door. Mostly because they were driving me freakin' crazy and I couldn't stand it one minute longer.

About 45 minutes into the night, these two needed a sit down break. Their pumpkins started to get so full that they all needed help carrying them by the end.

In fact, during the home stretch, Olivia declared, "I am NOT getting any more candy!!!"
Good thing, because there literally was no more room.
(Here is one of the crazy items in the *special stash*)
Note to self, someday when my kids are grown and out of the house, put together special treats for my neighbor kids. It will make their whole night!!!

The kids were allowed to pick 2 things from their buckets to eat last night. They were no dummies! They all went for some of the biggest and best items.

Today they were allowed to pick 2 more treats. From here on out, I'm going to put it all in one heap and ration it out from now until next Halloween.
As for me, I've done pretty well keeping my hands out of the treat bags. Weigh in is tomorrow and I'm hopeful to be in at at my goal weight again. Being back at the meetings has been great motivation for me!
Hopefully your trick or treat was filled with sweet surprises too!


Jeni said...

The picture of your two boys having their "sit down break" made me laugh out loud. SO cute and SO funny with their little tongues sticking out. It was so funny it caused me to de-lurk :).

Hope to see you Sunday at the luncheon, but understand if you can't make it.

Katie O. said...

your trick-or-treat starts at 6pm? how late does it go?? ours started at 3pm!!