Friday, October 15, 2010

When you're right, you're right

Well, I did it. I thought I'd let you know that I followed through. I stepped on the scale at the meeting and found myself 2.4 lbs over my goal weight. I plunked down $12 which is my consequence. I'm all about natural consequences with my kids. Guess I'm not better (or worse?) than them. So, I've got my nose to the grindstone.

I sat through the meeting. I actually love meetings and remembered why I love going. There was nothing new said. Some of the same old people were sitting there from six months ago when I went to the meetings. Some thinner. Some not. It's just good to be around people who encourage each other to live healthy. Or try to.

Or not. I sat in front of some women who were apparently new-ish. They seemed to be three friends in their late 50's or so. One has lost 11 lbs in 3 weeks. One 9 lbs. And the third was moaning and groaning about how she hasn't lost any. Then for the next 20 min. before the meeting started, they mapped out their plan to go to Applebee's after the meeting. I secretly listened in as they read their print off menu. There are actual WW options on the menu and is a fav place for people in the program to go.

But I had to laugh when they were trying to figure out how they could possibly work some of the worst options into their allotted points for the day. Finally, their discussion ended in a "Screw it, I'm having what I want!" by the lady who hadn't lost. All this and the meeting hadn't even started. They actually gave me motivation to do this thing, and do it right. I don't have $12 a week to just blow.

The topic of the meeting was, "What is hard about sticking to the program." Hilarious. If there was a topic I needed to hear, it was this one. It was a good reminder that everyone struggles. That this is not a diet, its a lifestyle. I've been lazy but I am one choice away from getting back on track.

So, I'm thankful that its a new day. That I didn't let things get too out of control. And that WW gives you 35 extra points a week to do whatever you want. Maybe I'll join them next week at Applebee's ;)


Cortney @ said...

E - man I a so proud of you for posting the last 2 posts! I wish I could since I have been struggling for some time. Good luck!!!

KTC said...

Glad to hear you went! I'll callyou on my drive to PA. You can catch me up on WW stuff. i need a plan, too!!!