Monday, October 11, 2010

Making it up as I go along

Here's the thing:
For someone who's been an only child their whole life, raising three kids is a challenge! Take for instance, birthdays.
When I was growing up, birthdays lasted a week. There were family parties, friend parties, swim team parties. I didn't have to share the spot light and because only one birthday a year rolled around, OF COURSE it was a big deal. But I'll remind you, once again, I was NOT spoiled!
So for me, trying to figure out how to love and indulge but not over indulge my three darlings is proving to be tricky. This whole birthday party thing is wearing me out. Thankfully, this year, with Quinn it was a no brainer.

He turned 3 on Sunday and the one thing over the past year that has really shown to be *his thing* has been Toy Story. Buzz Lightyear, To Infinity & Beyond, the whole 9 yrds.
So when Toy Story 3 came out this summer I secretly thought to myself, "That would make a really fun birthday party. I hope it comes to the dollar theater for his birthday."
Well, as *luck* would have it, it moved there a week and a half before his birthday. So I decided to invite four of his little friends to join us. As it turned out, only 2 could make it for the movie (the other 2 joined us for cake and presents later.) It was a hit. The kids were glued to the movie. And it only cost us twenty five bucks. Not bad for a kiddie party.

I should mention, I was able to keep my cost so low because my good friend, Susie, made Quinnie's cake. It was adorable and good and home made. We devoured it until an inch of it's life!

Because I'm just lazy enough and didn't want to clean my house just to re-clean it, I decided to do cake and presents at the mall that is right across the street from the dollar theater. It worked famously. We chose a table right next to all of those mall kiddie rides that I never let my kids ride. They still didn't get to ride them, but Steve spent substantial time shaking each ride to make all the kids think they were riding them. (Should I be proud or ashamed of that?)

Up until this weekend, we've only had girlie dress ups. After the party we came home for about an hour before we had to head off for church. Just enough time for O to try on her new Halloween costume. She's going to be Little Bo Peep. I guess Quinn decided to join in the dress up fun. I cracked up when the came bursting through the door in their gowns.

So it wasn't a moment too soon when Quinn opened up one of his presents from Grandma and Papa. Thank the Lord, it was a Buzz Lightyear suit. He looks adorable (who knew Buzz was made in China!)
My guess is, Grandma and Papa were getting a bit nervous seeing Quinn dress up like women and needed to step in. Thanks!

And does the look on Turner's face not say it all?
"When the H*LL is my Birthday Party?"
I have to say, all in all Turner was a trooper with all the attention and gifts going to his brother.
Yet another bridge to cross as an only child. What is the sibling protocol? DO you have to share your birthday toys with your siblings?
If you know the answer to that one, I'm all ears.


Cortney @ said...

I think each kid needs at least one thing they don't have to share. Carter's are his Thomas trains that he got for his birthday. And I tell Evan that he may not use any of them unless Carter obliges which rarely happens, which I think is hilarious! But I am NO expert - ha ha! ;-)

vwiller said...

Birthday gifts are yours for a few days but then nearly everything, except for the things each sleep with are communal property in this house. But you'll have that when you have three boys only 24 months apart. As for the dress up we have the opposite here...every superhero made and no girl stuff. Depending on sizes when it happens I'll ship you boxes of stuff. Including Buzz and Woody in size 4/5

vwiller said...

Oh, but I do make a day of it...including maple and bacon cupcakes for Steven & Jakob's birthday and coffeecake cupcakes for Andrew...Gretchen since it was her first was doughnuts with a candle. But you want to be worried about having 3 over the year, try the guilt of 2 on the same day!!

Lisa said...

E! Love the stories! And ohmigosh!!! Quinn in that buzz suit is just so adorable! He looks SSOOOO happy! My advice comes not from having kids but being a kid with three younger sisters. Birthdays are special for each kid and it's right that way. Your kids may not understand that yet (ie, Turner), but in about another 1-2 years they will get into it. Because what goes around comes around. Me and my sisters would make cards for one another, help my mom make the cake. We liked getting in on the "making it special" for the person who'd birthday it was. And that's a good lesson to instill. I think that's one reason I am more prone to loving to give than secretly wishing to be the one getting. Love ya! Let's talk soon!