Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Randomness

I just ate a Pez candy. Then I wanted to vomit in my mouth. Did they used to taste better or is it when you're a kid any form of sugar tastes good?

Whomever said, "You can only count on two things in life: death and taxes." CLEARLY was not a mom. He forgot to add unloading the dishwasher and folding the laundry. Why is there never a day off from those things?

I hate taking my kids to the store this time of year. When did Halloween stuff get so scary and so life like? I have to avoid an entire section of Target. How about a little more kid friendly next year, huh Target?

I found out today that hernia's are not just for the 81 year old men out there. I guess 38 is the new elderly 'cuz I get to have surgery November 4th. At least I'll get to milk the *no heavy lifting* thing for a few weeks. Speaking of laundry and dishes...

Steve and I have been in a Halloween party famine the past few years. This is our year to feast. In addition to trick or treating with the kids we've been invited to 2 different costume parties. The pressure is on.

My Alpha Phi BFF's are in discussion about a giant 40th b-day celebration. (We are still a year+ out, but with so many ladies, some married, some not, some mommies, some not- it's gonna require such advanced planning.) I'm actually getting excited to turn 40. Shoot, I already have a hernia. I might as well be 40~

Quinn turns 3 on Sunday. He is excited. He wants a Woody and Buzz Light year toy. He calls Pine cones "Pine corns". He needs a haircut. I like him.

Turner asked me to play cars with him this morning. So I did. It made my heart happy.

Olivia is beautiful. Inside and out. Her eyes melt me. Her servant heart melts me more. I like her too.

Have a great weekend!

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betseykerr said...

Such a nice post! I miss you! Can't wait to turn 40 with ya!