Friday, September 3, 2010

You'll have to use your imagination

I was going to do a post about how I found THIS amazing recipe for peanut butter popcorn from Pioneer Woman's blog (I added some chocolate so it's actually peanut butter/chocolate popcorn at my house- plus I started w/ fat free popcorn, so it's a health food too, right?) I was also going to include pictures, but when I went to down load them, my computer told me that my device malfunctioned and could not be recognized by my computer.

To that I say, SHUT UP! This is the same camera that you've downloaded a million pictures from, stupid Dell. But I dare not yell too loud. It's already not allowing me to hook up to my Outlook for some reason, therefore, I have to check my email through the internet. Annoying.

You'll just have to imagine the yummiest bowl of popcorn you've ever seen.

Then there's the teeny tiny situation of the hinge on our screen that is about to rub through the cord that runs through it (who knew there was a cord that runs through it?) It's literally hanging by a thread. So instead of following my instincts to yell and get annoyed, I will tenderly and lovingly forgive our Dell because now is not the time we need to plunk down some casheesh for a new computer.

All of my computer woes will not get me down, though. It is gorgeous out my window... that I have OPEN. The sky is blue, its a holiday weekend and we have some fun stuff with friends planned all weekend. And my daughter goes back to school on Tuesday to boot. Its gonna take a lot to get this lady down.

I hope you have some fun stuff planned on this *unofficial end to summer* weekend. Don't you just hate it when people say that?


cindy q said...

my dell hinge broke too. It limped along for some time with a bit of duct tape to protect it. :)

vwiller said...

It is not the official end of the summer until I have to put flip flops away which happens October 1st!!