Monday, September 20, 2010

Trying to focus

It's been a stretch of days since I posted. No real reason why. Fun things have happened. Mundane things have gone by. But nothing really stood out as blog worthy. Not even a slightly annoying situation to put a funny spin on. I watched Steve paint a lot this weekend. I helped, a little. A very little, in fact. Its mostly finished. Now its a matter of re-arranging furniture, putting switch plates back etc. (Now do you see why I've struggled to make a post from this?)

Pictures will follow soon.

Steve's big 40th birthday is on Sunday. I have arranged a getaway with two other couples to Gatlinburg, TN. We've rented a luxurious house in the mountains. I'm REALLY looking forward to this. It felt like a whole ton of pressure to provide the *just right* 40th birthday experience for Steve. You know the dilemma... do you go surprise party with 100 of his closest friends and a few long lost ones traveling from far and wide? Or do you skip the party and go expensive gift? Or maybe go the funny route? You know the "Ha! Ha! You're so old they should just bury you" kind of thing.

All seemed wrong for my husband. (And quite frankly, for me- since naturally, Steve's 40th birthday IS all about me.) As the party thrower, all of the above seemed to make me want to run away and hide. So back in July I thought long and hard about what would Steve really want? Then it dawned on me... time with his best friends, with out kids, in a nice place we don't have to do any work on. Voila, the Great Gatlinburg Escape was hatched.

I managed to get 2 of his best friends (and their wives) to buy into my plan. Then I secured Grandma and Papa as babysitter extraordinaries. I double checked with Steve on the coin we had to drop without revealing the exact plan. I secured our spot here and told Steve. He was touched and excited. You see, I'm not one to make plans two months ahead of time. I'm not one to pursue a good price on a lodge and dare I even say, haggle. So there you have it, it is love!

I guess that's why I'm just humming through my days right now. Not really living for Friday, but just getting excited.

And by the way, since your 40th IS all about me, Steve, here's a hint. My ideal 40th involves tropical islands, no kids and more than a 2 night stay. I'm just sayin'...

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KTC said...

looks fantastic! have a Wonderful celebration week-end! When you're "one" with another, of course, his birthday is your birthday! Makes sense to me. :)