Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If I believed in Jinxes

So I had to go and do it. The other day I wrote about how nothing noteworthy had gone on around here. Which must have been an open invitation to the universe to *bring it on.* Because later that day, I got a phone call from my dad assuring me "everything is fine" but he incurred $4,200 worth of damage to his car when a deer hit him. Yep. He didn't even hit the deer, the deer hit him. There's my little old dad, minding his own business when he heard an explosion and the next thing he knew all the glass on his driver side window/the front windshield blew plus a whole bunch of body (to the car) damage occurred as the deer bounced off into the distance. He claims, "Another six inches, I would have had a deer in my lap." Grrrreeeaaat. I guess the Lord knew I could not handle losing both parents in less than 4 months. Thank you, God.

Then, Tuesday morning I was getting Olivia up for school. We were snuggling for a few minutes before she got dressed. Steve showered and was getting ready when I heard a muffled, "mmmshp." After a few seconds of contemplation I thought I'd better check it out. There I found Steve white as a ghost and pouring sweat. He informed me he thought he was about to lose consciousness and that it felt like something *ruptured* in his abdomen. (We would later argue if that statement was actually ever uttered from his lips. I'm here to say YES! YES it was.) I mean, why would I make that up? It's not like I like to embellish a story for affect or anything. Sheesh.

I asked him if I should call 9-1-1. To my surprise he said yes. I tried really hard to not go into panic mode but by then all three kids were up and clamoring for stuff. I managed to keep my cool pretty well, if I do say so myself. Somehow (it *might* have been the Lord once again) I got them all corralled onto our bed and had them wait there until the ambulance arrived.

By the time the paramedics got there, Steve was looking better. He even managed to make it down the stairs and be dressed for their arrival. In the meantime, Turner was in hog heaven. An ambulance with lights flashing right in front of our own house. Cool.

After assessing Steve with a bunch of questions and not much else, we all decided he should go to the ER to get checked out but to Turner's disappointment, a ride in the ambulance would not be necessary. (Actually, the decision was made right after Steve heard, "You'd save yourself a lot of money if you found your own way there.) 'Nough said. So we loaded up the car, took Olivia to school, secured a good friend to bring her kids over and watch the boys, drop Steve off at the ER, drop kids off at home and me head back to the ER.

Where we would sit for the next 4 hours.

Thankfully, at the end of the visit, the Dr. concluded everything was fine. Why something felt like it had ruptured (or didn't depending on who is telling the story) is a mystery.

All I know is, I'm not mentioning another boring day on this here blog for a very long time!

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Colleen said...

Well that was scary! Thank goodness, well God really, that all is well with Steve and your Dad.