Monday, September 6, 2010

Super fun

It was a really great holiday weekend around here. We did lots of fun stuff, including two different cook outs. And best of all? Neither cook out was at my house. Meaning I didn't cook nor did I clean up.

And while it may appear we got our holidays mixed up, my kids did NOT go trick or treating this weekend. Instead, we got all dressed up to attend our friend, Simon's, 5th birthday.

Susie is one of my good friends who happens to have kids close in age to mine and is very creative. She raised the bar for kiddie parties in our circle of friends. In addition to making dinner for the kids and their parents HERSELF, she also did homemade/decorated super hero cupcakes and...

had a craft table set up where they could make their own masks. Each kid also went home with their own handmade cape equipped w/ their initial on it. My kids have yet to take the dang things off. They are going to be so disappointed when this mommy shooes their buddies out the door after their parties with a goodie bag of fruit snacks and swift kick in the rear. (Shoot, that's if the even GET a party this year.)
It was a super fun thing to do this weekend and for some reason Quinn just can't quit singing, "Happy birthday dear Simon, Happy Birthday to you." Yes, I know it sounds cute, but right around the 55th time today that I heard it, it stopped being cute. Well, I gotta run so I can go to bed... Olivia starts school tomorrow and that alarm is going to go off wayyyyy too early.


vwiller said...

For Steven & Jakob's 3rd birthday I made capes for all the kids at their party, with masks that I made as well. But that is the only time I have done anything like that...Looks like a blast though!

Susie said...

I am so happy they had a good time and liked their capes - where's the photo of Turner mowing the grass?

jenny from mommin' it up said...

you & Susie need to cut it out! I never even do goody bags!