Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who stole my baby?

One year ago today, we set the alarm, jumped out of bed and took a million pics. My little 3 year old was off to school. And why did I not realize how adorably tiny she was? Who let me send that little thing off to 1/2 day school, five days a week?

Well, this morning we set the alarm, jumped outof bed and took a million pictures. Only this time my baby girl seems an appropriate size for her back pack AND she is too cool for school!

Also, you can see by the photos (and the smirk on her darling little face) WHO won the argument of what she was going to wear the first day of school. I hope when she is 30 and yells at me for *dressing her in that skirt* you all will be there to defend me.

Because, really... she should not be going to pre-school in that outfit. She should be clogging at the county fair.

It is actually fun to have O back in the same school, in the same classroom with the same teachers and friends from last year.
This is the only other pre-schooler returning (all of O's other friends from last year are now kindergartners. Which means they are still in the same classroom, but they stay all day.)
O is good buddies with Esteban. One of the first things she told me about school last year was, "Esteban is in my class. He's a hugger!" And sure enough, last thing he did today was give O and his teacher, Mrs. Hadden a great big hug. Love it.

The reason I finally gave in to *the outfit* (other than the fact that THIS was not the hill to die on) was that Raine called my cell phone last night and left a message asking if Olivia could wear her *pink fluffy skirt* to school tomorrow so that they could dress the same.
How's a mama gonna say no to that level of cuteness???
And so it begins, not just another year of school but another step in allowing my daughter to become her own person and eventually leave the nest. sniff sniff.


vwiller said...

I L-O-V-E love the skirt!! Actually Gretchen (18 months) is yelling right now since I made the picture go away!! Don't worry, boys are easier to dress for school. they learn pretty quickly what is costume and it is not allowed...not such grey areas as girl stuff!

Cortney @ evanhaslanded.com said...

O is looking like such a big girl!! Wow! Personally I kinda like the skirt too - in a "she made her mind up what to wear" kinda way! Shows her independence ; )

cindy q said...

Too cute! It made my day that she got to wear that fluffy pink skirt. Thanks. :)

Colleen said...

That frilly skirt is beyond adorable! I love that her friend called to make sure O was going to wear the same skirt. If it makes you feel any better, I was talked into sparkly rainbow tennis shoes for my 6 year old. I'm just glad that they don't light up AND that I was able to pay just under $20 for them, unlike some of the other gazillion shoes we looked at. $41 for a child's shoe? No way!

Katie O. said...

love the skirt. you are most def the coolest mom ever. way to go E!

KTC said...

Yes, and soon, it won't be a pink puffy skirt you're giving in to (as in, "not the hill to die on"). Alot changes in just a few short years! I'll have to post a photo of Elena in her black jeans, black tank top, black leather jacket and aviator sunglasses. She looks fantastic... but talk about growing up!!!