Monday, September 27, 2010


It was THE PERFECT weekend away.
We hit the road with our four other friends late Friday morning and arrived in Gatlinburg, TN early evening. The car ride was fun. Lunch on the road, glorious. No crayons. No trips to the potty (to wipe little buns). No spills. No tears. Just pure adult conversation, sans interruption.

We arrived and unpacked at our UH-MAZING cabin (shame on me for even calling it such a name.) Because this cabin was three stories, each with a wrap around porch. Gorgeous. And ridiculously affordable since we were there on a non-peak weekend. What a treat.
We headed into town for Steve's official birthday dinner. He has a *favorite* place in Gatlinburg (I think he's been to Gatlinburg four times in his life but somehow has a *favorite* place?!) The Peddler. It was a nice steakhouse. Weird, but nice.

The weekend was filled with shopping, eating, football, games, reading, relaxing and even...
a short hike. Amy is 8 months pregnant and Sally, Steve and I wore flip flops. So you can use the work hike loosely if you like.
We did.

But it seemed shameful to not at least get out of the car and take a picture with a tree behind us. I mean, if you're from our part of Ohio, you don't get to walk up something steeper than a speed bump too often. I would not recommend, however, walking too far up the Smoky Mountains in Croc flip flops, though. I had some sore ankles the next morning.

I had to include a few photos of our cabin.
Just to prove that this cabin was nicer than my home.
It was gorgeous.

With amazing views.
From every window. This one happened to be from the door frame of our bedroom on the third floor. In front of that window was another small living room. Wish I'd had time to use it.
Yes, I may be relocating soon.

But then I'd have to buy some better shoes.
Guess I'll stay put.

Check back later for a post on some of the ridiculousness that I found in Gatlinburg.
There was a plenty.
Enough to require a second post.
Ain't y'all lucky? (I'm practicing in case I do get some new shoes and re-locate.)


Cortney @ said...

you look so cute in that hat!! :-)
Happy to hear you guys had a great little getaway!

jenny from mommin' it up said...

great pictures! glad you guys had fun. Happy Birthday Steve!

Katie O. said...

Glad to see you had such a wonderful weekend! The place looks AMAZING!! And I'm going to have to agree with look so cute in the hat!!

Katie said...

I'm so proud of you E! You stayed in a cabin and hiked in the mountains. I'm speechless. If I didn't see the pictures I would have thought that you were growing in your love for the great outdoors!