Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer lovin'

Even though June has been sucky for me, we've still managed to have us a bit of summer fun.

While my mom was in Hospice and still communicating, I told her we were going to take the kids that night to Mr. Freeze's. And if you are unaware of what Mr. Freeze's is, my condolences! It is a Perrysburg institute. A family owned and operated ice cream stand that has the BEST, BIGGEST and CHEAPEST ice cream sundaes in the world. And my mom LOVED taking the kids there and treating them. She smiled when she heard.

We stopped at Wendy's first for dinner (because healthy dining was NOT the name of the game this past month) and because of an outrageously long wait for our kids' meals, they brought out complimentary Jr. Frostys for the kids. To which, I burst out in tears because I had told my mom we were going to Mr. Freeze's and it made her smile. (It's safe to say, LOTS of things have brought me to tears this past months... but this was a biggy!)
So, we ditched the Jr. Frostys and still went to Mr. Freeze's. Where, apparently, my judgement was once again clouded by grief. Because, upon MY suggestion, we got the kids cartoon shaped Popsicles. Which, in the 90 degree heat, took exactly 17 seconds to melt all over everything. Not to mention, they were the nastiest things I've ever set lips on. For real.
AND they had gumballs for eyes. Wow.
While we were back home in Dayton for 5 days in between Toledo trips we were able to get some park, pool and friend time in. Ahh... normal is good. We visited a nearby park for the first time and fell in l.o.v.e. Great play equipment, a sand pit AND a water sprinkler area.
Truly, something for everyone.
One of the days, we met up with O's buddy, Raine from school. They had fun seeing each other for the first time since May.
Steve invented a new game for the backyard. He rigged up a t-ball stand with a garbage can and the dog gate we used to use for Baxter when we drove the Jeep. O and Quinn really loved it. Turner, he mostly wanted to annihilate the garbage can with the bat. Good thing there is still a lot of summer left. Maybe he'll get the hang of it before it snows.
In spite of a crazy June, we've still managed to have some laughs around here. Here's to plugging along and enjoying the rest of summer.

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