Thursday, June 24, 2010

just one hour

I have one hour to:

*eat lunch
*get the carpet swept (the dog got into the garbage and there are crumbs, diaper pieces and shredded plastic ALL OVER.)
blog (duh)
*unpack the dishwasher
*repack the dishwasher
*get the Smart Ones sauce out of my favorite summer white t-shirt (have to eat that for lunch b/c of the lbs. I've put back on post- grief stricken fast.)
*pack swim bag for pool this afternoon
*stop crying about the failure that was lunch for the kids
*stop crying about the fact that Olivia's counselor basically thinks I'm a boundary-less parent
*stop crying about the fact that Olivia even HAS a counselor
*re-read a chapter or four in Boundaries with Kids b/c apparently I AM a boundary-less parent

Do you think I can get it all done in the hour that I have?

Me neither. That's why I'm just sittin' here blogging!

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