Friday, June 18, 2010

Here we go

The bags are packed (I think), the van is nearly loaded. The kids have fresh hair cuts. I got a Zumba in and we've eaten lunch. The dog is even safely tucked away at a friend's house (we hope she is still our friend when we get back!). Momentarily we'll hop in the van and head up north on the way too familiar drive to Toledo. I've burned a permanent trail up there after this month of my mom being sick.

Tomorrow is my mom's Memorial Service. I have to say, all of a sudden I'm a fan of cremation. Can you really be a fan of cremation? That might be a bit strongly stated. But I think I do prefer it to the traditional embalming/viewing/2 day visitation/funeral thing. Tomorrow will be a simple 3 hour start to finish day. Unlike the deaths of my past relatives, where we endured 3-day grueling affairs. After the month we've had, the last thing we needed was a grueling affair. Plus my mom would have really, really hated it. Cremation has allowed us to have the service whenever was convenient for us, and there is no anticipation of seeing her lifeless body.

Steve will officiate (does someone *officiate* at 30 minute memorial? If so, he is.) I'll say a little something. My aunt might, if she is able. Then... we'll eat. I hope there are a lot of laughs. Telling of stories. Reflections. Just a few tears. I want to CELEBRATE my mom's life here, but more importantly, the new one she began last week. Her eternal one in the presence of Jesus. That is what has kept me going, sane and encouraged this week. Really, its what its all about anyway.

Wish me luck! Here goes a weekend I've always dreaded. But with help from God, I'm gonna be all right. Hope your weekend is a good one.

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KTC said...

thinking of you. You've been so strong! and the Lord has been gracious. He'll get you through the week-end! somehow.