Saturday, February 16, 2013

Princess Olivia

Seriously, I'm at a loss.  This is the only picture from my phone that I could access- I'm about to lose heart.  At least this is a good one.

I can hardly believe this little princess is going to be 7 on Tuesday.  I can remember when I was 7.  That is big time, real memories kind of stuff.  She doesn't want a party.  She wants to go and get her ears pierced.  So she and I and her good friend, Lila, from school will go get her ears pierced and then we will go for some "fancy dining."  (For real, that is what she requested.)  Cheesecake Factory.  That is about as fancy as we are getting for two seven year olds.

Honestly, I can't think of a better way to celebrate. 

While we were at Disney World, we treated her to a major birthday treat.  She had her hair and nails done at the BibbityBobbityBoutique.  She soaked it in.  She felt like a princess.  For an hour, she was a princess (and if I had half a brain you could see pictures of it.)

What makes my heart swell over my little girl is that her heart is the heart of a princess.  She is well-mannered, kind, thoughtful, not bratty .  She loves Jesus.  She is not bossy (well... maybe a touch with her brothers) but can stand up for herself.  She is creative and loves to read.  I am so proud of Olivia and I am excited to celebrate her this week.

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Lauren K said...

I miss Olivia so much. She is such a great little girl and will grow up to be a great young woman!