Thursday, February 21, 2013

A chill in the air

Two days ago I was sitting next to a pool with tranquil music being piped in while I enjoyed 80 degree weather.  Hours later I touched down to gloomy, snowy 21 degree Dayton.  I had to literally chisel my windshield wipers from the windshield and open my door to pay the parking lot toll because my window was frozen shut.  Mmmm.. February in Ohio, I curse you.

That leads me to share a few more vacay pics so that you can hate me and I can resent being back in the mid-west just a little more!  I'm good like that.

My 25 year old self would totally judge my 40 year old self over this next fact:  Our kids have seen all 6 of the Star War movies.  25 year old me would have wondered what in the WORLD are you thinking?  Clearly the themes are too adult too scary and too violent. 
My 40 year old self says, "Just you wait young Jedi!"

 One of the highlights of our entire trip was our day at Hollywood Studios.  It was also a low light.  Steve and I *might* have spent the day fighting because he was obsessed (not an exaggeration) with getting our kids in Jedi training.  I definitely wanted them to do it, but not at the expense of our whole day.  (Please shield your eyes from the glare from my halo.)

I had read enough to know that when you arrive at the park you have to go first thing to sign your kid up so they will be assigned a time to be in the Jedi training.  Spots fill up fast so you have to high tail it over there.  There were some extenuating circumstances that prevented us from getting over there right away.  We were able to get our kids on the "alternate" list.  This meant if any kid didn't show up for their assigned time, kids from the alternate list would be called on to fill the slots.  Small problem, you have to be present to fill the spot.  You had to check back 20 minutes before every show.  And PS the shows were every hour.  Which meant we had to check back every hour because our kids *might* be called.

Steve (bless his heart) wanted our kids to be in the show SO BAD.  So bad, in fact, this became his quest.  A kind of get-outta-my-way-my-kid-NEEDS-to-be-a-Jedi-it's-a-matter-of-life-or-death- kind of quest.
He is a good dad. As you can see... they got in.
They did not make it into the same show mind you.  The boys got into one show, Olivia into another(Please read between the lines... an extra 2 hours spent on Star Wars obsession.  But I'm not bitter.)
My battery died so the pictures of O fighting Darth Vader are somewhere else, but suffice it to say, she was brilliant.  I was internally really glad that they all got in to the show.  They were thrilled.
And we did have time to do a few other things (other than running back and forth to the Star Wars ride/stage.)
But the looks on the boys' faces say it all in this one.  Steve and I were totally that couple on our way out of the park literally yelling at each other and doing the "FINE" and the "Oh, so it's MY fault?" kind of thing as we spilled the stuff from the stroller getting on to the tram car.  It's true that the chill in the air during that scene may have frozen a few windows shut that night as well.

We do, however, have 3 fully trained Jedi on our hands.  Which makes it totally worth it. Right?

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victoria said...

There is a Jedi Training manual that my Jakob has nearly killed from reading it so much in the last year+. It could be a good gift sometime later.