Sunday, February 17, 2013

Humor me while I bore you

I'm on a roll... now that I've figured out how to post pics again I suppose I'll bore you to death.  But hey, it's Disney, you have to show off how much fun you had, right?  Some how it cancels out the pure exhaustion and frustration you experienced while actually AT the parks.

Here we are, about to head off to the longest, I mean HAPPIEST day on Earth.  Weather was perfection.

The monorail was shut down for the morning so we took the ferry across.  How did I not know that it took half a day just to get to the Magic Kingdom?  I was pooped before we even entered the gate.
Seeing Cinderella's Castle for the first time:
My kids were traumatized by most of the rides.  We took them on Space Mountain.  Tears and screams.  We went on the Lilo and Stitch experience.  Tears and screams.  Needless to say, we are not exactly *ride people*.  Oops.  They did, however, really enjoy meeting the characters and seeing the shows.  Here are some highlights:
There are also high lights from our Star Wars experience and the BibbityBobbityBotique.  I will post those separately.  But now, I need to jump on a plane and head back to Orlando.  Steve and I have some meetings the next few days.  Our gracious and brave friend will stay with the kids and hold the fort down.  It's strange to head back there so soon after all of this family fun with out the kids.  It makes me a tad bit sad.  And yet strangely relieved.


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So glad you had a good time! I loved looking at your pictures.