Friday, February 15, 2013

An exercise in imagination

I am seriously such an old fuddie duddie.  I just spent the past hour trying to figure out how to get the pictures from my phone uploaded onto this blog.  Have I not been singing that same tune since last May?  Grr...  I have some great pictures from Disney on my phone and I feel like they are trapped there.  You think I would make an adjustment and either STOP taking pictures on my phone or once and for all figure out how to sync the dang things.  I totally feel like I'm getting left behind in technology. 

Happy late Valentine's Day.  Steve and I (and probably the rest of Dayton) are going out to celebrate tonight.  We took the kids to Spaghetti Warehouse last night.  Thankfully we beat the crowds.  The kids were totally hopped up on sugar and were so into all the cards they got from school.  I remember the feeling I'd get on Valentine's Day as a kid.  My dad always gave me a heart shaped box of chocolates (all the way up until the year he died in fact.)  It was so thrilling to know I was going to get spoiled by my dad.

Steve went out of his way to do the same for Olivia.  He brought home a few roses for me and had one wrapped separately for her.  He also bought her a journal and wrote her a very sweet entry.  She carried the journal with her to dinner and I caught her reading it and re-reading it several times.

I bought the boys a small box of chocolates and that seemed to communicate just about the same thing.

I feel like just yesterday I finally recovered from the trip.  Seriously, if you are going to Disney World anytime soon... start working out.  NOW!  It is just brutal on your body and your whole emotional state.  Don't get me wrong, it was fun.  We did things we'll probably never do again.   But I might have aged about 12 years while we were there. 

One of the best experiences of the trip was Belle's Enchanted Castle.  We stood in line an hour and it was totally worth it.  Each child is picked to be a *part* in the play.  Quinn was an enchanted mirror, Olivia was an enchanted salt shaker and Turner got to be the Beast.  We all moved into a room and the grown ups sat on benches while the kids took their spots to be in the show.  Belle came out and some helpers told each child what to do.  At the end *the Beast* (aka Turner) came out and got a chance to dance with Belle.  Turner took his role so seriously.  He was absolutely stunned by Belle and danced so nicely with her.  We may be in for it, because ever since then Turner has been noticing pretty girls and pointing them out to Quinn.  Yep.  A beast was born.

So, there is one highlight from the trip.  I so wish I could post a picture of it to show you.  Once I figure it out, I will.  Until then you'll have to use your imagination- just like the good old days.

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