Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Surgery Eve

Well, tomorrow morning at 8:45 I will be under the knife. I'm having my hernia repaired (because I was looking for an ailment that would make me sound like a 74 year old man.) Up until about an hour ago I haven't been too nervous. Now... I'm thinking I've watched a few too many episodes of Grey's Anatomy. No, my surgeon is no McDreamy (he's a bit more like Old McDonald) but I'm seriously hoping for no drama. No shooter sneaking in to take revenge, no students taking a crack at my groin. No interns arguing over who is sleeping with who. If I can escape with a nice little dose of a good pain reliever, I'm good to go.

More than the actual surgery, I'm dreading the recovery. Several days of no driving. Two weeks of no lifting. Use my own judgement on starting up my work outs. Yada yada. It's just hard to know what it will all be like. Up and down the stairs. 3 little kids. 1 dog with his own set of issues. You know... life.

Although its against what I stand for, I'm moving a tv into our room. I've bought some books at the half price book store and I'll have my computer on hand.

Wish me luck. No drama. And a little McDreamy wouldn't hurt either ;)

See you on the other side.


jenny said...

Praying for your surgery and for your recovery....that is all goes better than expected! I think the tv in the room was a good decision....we did that in our room when Rowan had his tonsils out and it gave him somewhere to sleep/rest/watch tv away from the craziness in the rest of the house. Hang in there, friend!

love and love and love again, stargirl said...

E! I am now a follower of your blog! Good luck tomorrow! I know all will go well, I am praying for you. As a fan of Grey's Anatomy, I loved the reference. I'll be seeing you. Love Jann

Board certified Doc said...

Don't worry you will have a fast and healthy recovery after surgery.

vwiller said...

You will be awesome!! Plus without the tv you would miss Greys tomorrow!!

Shannon said...

Maybe your Anesthesiologist will be a McDreamy...mine was kind of unreal.
I never mentioned anything, but after my surgery, David was like, "Did you see the Anesthesiologist? He was super tall, and really muscular, with big hair, like that one tv doctor...what's his name?" (we don't watch Grey's)
I totally laughed because it was quite unreal and he really didn't seem to fit in a REAL hospital with real people!
Maybe you'll have the same one! =o)
Praying everything goes well!