Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It might be early...

but I'm still thankful.
Thankful to be feeling really, really good.

Thankful that I was able to be on the elliptical machine for 45 minutes yesterday and today and felt great. And don't worry, I DID NOT over do it!

Thankful for my kids. They are crazy and require a LOT of training these days. But I like them. I really really like them.

Thankful that my husband is an involved and hands on dad.

Thankful for a mother-in-law who gave up a week of her life to come and help me after surgery.

Thankful that although I miss her like crazy, my mom does not have to go through another holiday season suffering and wishing she could *feel up to stuff.*

Thankful that she gets to celebrate her birthday with Jesus this year (do you think we'll celebrate our birthdays anymore once we're in heaven? Probably not, but I like to imagine it anyhow.) It falls on Thanksgiving day this year. Hard for me... good for her!

Thankful for the car in front of me at Starbucks this morning who payed for my drink!

Thankful that diet cherry 7-UP is back on the shelves for the holiday season.

Thankful that Olivia decided, after two and a half years, to start wearing jeans again. She looks so dang cute.

Thankful that I got to have left over Chick-fil-A for lunch today.

Thankful that Glee is on tonight.

Thankful that American Girl sent us ANOTHER catalogue yesterday (right after I posted) so we can get rid of the other worn one. (Oh, wait, I'm not really thankful for that...)

Thankful for the IRONY of AG sending another catalogue the same day I posted about their devilish catalogues- because that is just hilarious!!

Thankful today for big and little things. How about you?


vwiller said...

And right after I read your post and commented the Gretchen did not so much want to choose a doll yet she is now dragging around said catalog because she wants the $20 Meow Meow (cat) well said by the 20 month old!

cindy q said...

Thankful for you and your humor!

jenny from mommin' it up said...

have you tried Diet 7Up Pomegranate for the holidays?? It is SOO GOOD!