Monday, November 29, 2010

duty calls

Here is my post-Thanksgiving wrap up. I'm doing this mostly because you're suppose to. Right? I mean a reason I keep this here blog is so that there is a document in history that proves we survived Thanksgiving 2010.
We went up to Toledo to spend the holiday with my dad. And because the idea of me cooking the holiday meal for us in his small-ish one bedroom apartment while the 3 kids ran around and the two men read the paper and watched football rivaled the thoughts of having the stomach flu while recovering from hernia surgery; we opted to go to a nearby hotel, featuring a lovely buffet.
I made reservations for 12:30. Mostly so I (I mean, we) could watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Not so much because anyone was interested. Even I got bored with the bad lip syncing. But that's what you're suppose to do. Right?
So we climbed in the van and attempted to take some family photos. Because you're suppose to. Right?
Trying to get my kids to sit still for pictures is like herding cats. Family holiday fun at its finest.

And to the ladies at the buffet who were whispering something about Super Nanny as my kids were in the buffet line, you can stuff it like that bird lying there! You think it's no picnic being around us? Try living with us! But we smiled and pretended like we didn't hear it. That's what you're suppose to do. Right?

In light of my mom being gone, it was really important that we get some pictures of my kids with my dad. One thing I really regret about losing my mom is that I didn't have many pictures with her and the kids toward the end. Mostly because she didn't want to be in any pictures.
Well, as you can see... the kids were in FULL cooperation mode after the meal. By the end, Turner was in time out and Olivia was in tears and I was full on mad. Our first fight of the day. But hey, its the holidays. It's what you're suppose to do. Right? (or is that just my family??)

But one thing I KNOW you're suppose to do is learn how to NOT cross your legs so that your rear end is the focal point of the photo! Right?Somebody send me to a weight watchers meeting REAL quick (or at least a lesson in how to sit to minimize your stuff.)
At least I crossed my legs though, c'mon dad. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. At least were both smiling. I KNOW you're suppose to do that. Right?

All in all it was a good holiday. I anticipated it being a lot harder than it was. But there were smiles, laughs, tears and just that one fight.
I even made it out to a store or two on Black Friday (after the crazies were passed out from their 3am victories.) Because spending money the day after Thanksgiving is what you're suppose to do! Right?
And I do it so well!


vwiller said...

First crop the picture of you and your more rear end with out the WW meeting!!

I love that your kids did not magically behave and smile and sit still! Look at my holiday album on FB, it took 4 days to get a good picture of all 4, and I am sure many people would not like it anyway!

Gina said...

Elizabeth, I love reading your blog. It always makes me laugh and I like your style of blogging, real, down to the earth, unpretentious. You are not a show off, but are genuine, cool and really funny. And I think you are such a good mom. Keep it up the blogging :) Love, gina

Katie O. said...

I LOVE the new family pic of you, Steve & the kids on your blog. Please make that this year's Christmas picture.