Monday, November 22, 2010

Goofballs r us

Feel free to abandon ship now... this is a post mostly of weirdo pictures of my kids because its been a long time since I've posted any pictures.

Of particular interest in this photo would be Olivia's jeans. The girl is FINALLY wearing jeans after 2 1/2 years.

A few days ago there was silence and I enjoyed it for awhile until I realized there was silence!

I found these two knee deep in the coat closet. The word that comes to mind?
Nepali Sherpa.

Although it is 70 degrees here today, it was really cold for a few days last week. Time to try on the winter coats. I'm pretty sure there is a boy in there somewhere. Not long after I snapped this shot Quinn started yelling, "Mom. I'm choking." Perhaps a bit too tight?

I loaded the family up for another one of my "brilliantly unresearched" adventures. The local outdoor mall was having their kick off to Christmas festivities on Saturday. So after ballet class and flu shots we shuffled over there.
Only to find that stuff REALLY didn't start for another 4 hours. Hey, at least we beat the crowds, right?!
We were headed to a baby shower, so that is why Olivia is dressed to the 9's. She'd been bugging the crap out of me to wear her new Christmas dress and it seemed like a shower was a good enough occasion (better than a trip to Target.)
There were reindeer.
And we didn't even have to shove through a crowd to see them.

Well planned, if I do say so myself.
Did I mention it was a bit cold? Like freezing. But again, being well planned, I forgot coats.
Luckily there were heat lamps from time to time.

And there are these weird animal statues up for the holidays.
Weird because they are elephants and giraffes and buffalo.
Whatever. The kids liked them.
And this concludes one of the more random posts.
Have a nice day.


vwiller said...

I love seeing the pictures, I have tons of my kids doing the same type of things....which makes me think mine aren't quite so randomly wacky!

Katie O. said...

LOVE the jeans. love the random pics of the kids & i LOVED seeing you beautiful face in a picture. MISS YOU!!! I'm planning a trip to Ohio at the end of December (after Christmas). Maybe I can plan it so I can spend some of a day with you & your family..because I know I would love that.

jenny from mommin' it up said...

the jeans were the FIRST thing I noticed!! cute!!