Sunday, November 7, 2010

A little cheese with my whine

OK. I'm going on day 4 of being in bed. While it's killing me to stay in bed... taking a shower, walking down the stairs, going to church and giving Olivia a shower nearly killed me more. I whine if I'm laying around (not because I'm in pain... laying around is the position that doesn't hurt right now) but more because I'm missing out. Then I whine if I'm standing, because it feels like my leg and abdomen are on FIRE. Then I whine if I am sitting because pretty much the same thing, Oh the fire.

I decided yesterday I didn't really like being on the pain medication. It made me kind of nauseous. In fact, right after I finished my last post (Thurs. evening) I wound up barfing for a stretch. Which honestly made me feel better. So I decided to forgo the narcotics on Saturday and just try the Motrin approach.

Our good friends Matt and Sally brought us dinner and their kids and they all stayed and ate with us. Which was so kind and thoughtful and really helped Steve out in several ways. But for me it was pure torture, and very humbling, to see things that needed to be done, but instead of hopping up and doing them, I had to ask. And worse yet, I had to wait. Because let's face it, others' priorities are not always yours. Stupid life lesson. I was happy to be downstairs with everyone and glad to be out of bed. But sitting with everyone really took it out of me. So I popped more Motrin.

Then I decided to try Tylenol PM for my night stretch. I did pretty good.

This morning I was moving around and not feeling so great. But it was *Orphan Sunday* at church and the thought of being here by myself was hard to swallow. So I popped a narcotic and figured that would help me make it through. I did fine during the service. It was the getting back to the car that nearly did me in. Seriously? I did a spinning class Tuesday and rode 22 miles. Now I can barely walk to my car. Ugh. But oh the fire.

Got home and was about to take my Motrin when I happened to inspect the bottle. Come to find out the bottle expired 08/08. Oops. That *might* mean that I actually went without any pain medication yesterday. So maybe I am a bit tougher than I seem? (Nod and smile and throw a girl a bone here.)

Thankfully, Grandma gets here tomorrow to lend a hand. I figured by the time she got here I would need to send her on her merry little way. You know, 'cuz I bike 22 miles on Tuesdays and can make it through a Pilate's class without resting. But now I've learned a sobering lesson- surgery is no respecter of persons~ ouch.

I am humbled. I am in pain. And I am now going to check all the expiration dates in my medicine cabinet... as soon as I can stand long enough to do it.


vwiller said...

Get yourself some new Motrin...that is what worked the best post narcotics (that made me barf too) after each of my c-sections. I was told by one of the doctors to not worry about having the 2nd section when I had 2 (yes 2) 2 year olds at home to diaper and all because the stuff they use to sew you up won't other parts might but not the incision, reassuring I know! Take care of you!

Connie said...

We have a friend who is a physician and he told us that most drugs (other than the liquid variety) are effective 10 YEARS past their expiration date. But I must say I used a Tylenol PM that was past its date and it didn't seem to be effective.
Sorry you are in pain...glad that Grandma is arriving! Take care of yourself!

Katie said...

i just had a little dental surgery and i didn't want to take the big gun narcotics either cuz they make me throw up too. my doc said to take advil and extra strength tylenol together - staggering them. so 3 advil every 4-6 hours, and 1 (maybe 2) tylenol every 4-6 hours, but take the tylenol 2-3 hours after you took the advil. that way you are constantly medicated. i thought that was pretty smart. just don't take more than 3600mg of either drug.