Thursday, November 4, 2010

Not as tough as I thought

At about half past the butt crack of dawn, I hopped in the car and drove myself over to the surgery center. (Steve met me there, he had to drop O off at school and then drop the boys back at home where my friend Sally and her kids came over, bless her heart!)

Can I just tell you that this surgery center is basically the Hilton of the medical world. It is a satellite campus of the humongo hospital that is 2 minutes down the street from my house. The humongo hospital is where every crack-head-stabbing and shooting is dealt with. Apparently where I went today is where the other half get healed! In the lobby was a baby grand piano. Yes, please.

There were only about 4 others waiting in the lounge for their name to be called. We enjoyed the Early Show on a huge flat scree tv while we waited.

Steve arrived just after they made several attempts to get my i.v. in. *dainty veins* was what she called them. Dainty other stuff is great to have, dainty veins... are just a pain (literally!)

I was rockin the blue hat, don't you think?

All in all the surgery went well. The surgeon told Steve I had a medium sized hernia. Which, naturally, is unusual for women. Apparently we usually get small ones. See? Dainty veins and medium hernias. I always have to buck the system.

The meds were working great because when I got home I was feeling pretty good. I even went up and down our stairs a few times. Then around 12:30 I got into bed and slept for a few hours. Then right around the 10 hour mark the local wore off (just like they said it would)...

And wowzers! This bad boy hurts.

I went to change from my outfit (looking good all day, wasn't I?) to my jammies and it about did me in.

I'm really hoping I don't have to go to the bathroom for about the next 3 days. Think I can hold it?

Thankfully, I'm all set up in our room. Tv. Internet. Books. Phone. Barf bucket. (Seems like the meds might make me a bit queasy. Ugh.)

While I was tucked away for the day, apparently it was operation make it til bedtime for Steve.
Because at one point, the kids came up and Olivia let me know that daddy let her paint every one's faces. And a lovely job she did.

What is funny is that she's been after me for days to let her paint her brothers' faces and the answer has been no. But apparently today she saw her opportunity and took it.
Well done, Olivia, well done.

Later in the day they were playing hospital. I guess Quinn was sick and they were visiting him. Original idea, guys.
Okay, I've hit my limit. I might have to go barf now. Which scares me to death...
Here's hoping tomorrow is a new day.


Susie said...

Thanks for the update. You look pretty hot in that hat!!

vwiller said...

Feel great soon! Kids are magic about using opportunity to get what they want!

betseykerr said...

EP...Vicodan makes me sick as a dog...worse than the pain. Try 800mg Motrin...Hope you are feeling better soon!

cindyq said...

If you continue to take that percoset you won't have to poop for days, but you REALLY don't want that. Just ask Ross. :)
WOW, you got to climb stairs. Ross wasn't allowed to climb stairs.