Wednesday, August 25, 2010

pretty gawdy in pink

We had Olivia's buddy, Raine, over to play last week. Olivia is beside herself with excitement for school to start. She can't wait to see her friends and her teachers. So it seemed like a good idea to ride that wave and have Raine come and play since class for the pre-schoolers doesn't start until after Labor day.

When Raine arrived, she had on a *lovely* skirt. The kind of thing that a 4 year old princess would kill for.

Needless to say, we marched right out that next afternoon and got one. Oh my the delight on O's face was worth the $11.99. The thing twirls like none other.
Because Raine is a kindergartner this year, she will start back a week before Olivia. But they have plans to wear their matching skirts on OLIVIA'S first day back. (Not exactly what I have in mind for a first day of school outfit and all of the photos that go along with such a day.)
So now I'm in a dilemma. Do I let the 4 year olds plan the outfit or do I trump the 4 year old plan and deeply disappoint 2 aspiring princesses? I have yet to make up my mind. Check back Sept. 7th for the final verdict.
PS: that IS a paper towel hair bow in Olivia's ponytail. She *created* it herself. I've felt the need to explain it only a few times. I applaud her creativity. I cringe at the creativity going public.
PPS: All the kids now have their fall haircuts- after these photos were taken. Another thing I will no longer feel the need to explain in public. Oh the pressure.


Colleen said...

Having three girls, pink has really grown on me, which kind of surprises me. You would think it would be the opposite. I usually choose first day of school and picture day outfits and other special holiday outfits, and every other day, they get to pick. Though, my children seemed to be challenged in the matching department, so I try to suggest other things that match. One time Rachel asked, "Why do they have to match?" I had to stop and think about that one. Well, it just looks better, honey, you know? Anyway, I like Olivia's choice because it is a really cute girly outfit and it matches. Now, you still have time before school starts to let her forget about that outfit (yeah, right) and come up with an even cuter outfit of your choosing. Tell her you get to choose the first day outfit, and she gets to choose the second day outfit.

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh, O is as cute as ever. And tan!! I say let her wear the pink outfit to school. That way when she looks back on it when she gets older, the only person she has to blame is herself :) Who knows, she might still think it is super cute for many years to come! I miss you all, the pictures of you and the kids just make me miss you more. I'm planning on coming to Dayton the first weekend of November, i'll keep you posted. Love you!

cindy q said...

I would let her wear the outfit. After all, will those first day pictures ever get into an album? And how many first day pictures are you going to have?... Last year's first day of preschool, this year's first day of preschool, next year's first day of K, the following year's first day of 1st grade...:)