Thursday, August 19, 2010

Flying solo

Steve has been gone all week for a work retreat. That means I've been home holding down the fort. I used to dread him going out of town, with a capital DREAD. It's still not my favorite, but this time has been different. I'm sure there are several factors involved. First, its summer. Summer ='s lots more options. We can get out. We can go go go. And for some reason this family unit seems to do better when we go go go. Secondly, the kids are older. Dare I say, they are almost like companions? Yeah, that's probably a stretch. But its different than when they were babies and needed constant care and supervision. There were stretches this week that I didn't even know what all three were doing. They were actually entertaining themselves or each other. It was nice. And fun. And not as draining as it used to be. NOT that I want to start making these stretches of his travel more regular or anything.

Seriously, though, I don't know how single moms do it. I really look forward to 5:30 when Steve walks through that door. He usually takes the kids off my hands for an hour while I cook or finish a chore or just veg. The hour really helps me through out my whole day. Its hard (but doable) if I don't get it. I just can't imagine never getting it. I guess you adapt. You deal. You get into a new routine. But I'm really thankful for my super involved husband who absolutely adores being a dad.

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Gina said...

i agree, single moms are amazing!! (but also, don't you think they're usually at work all day since they have to provide for their children) so they arent with the rascals all day long!! anyway, im with you -- kids are so much easier when they're a little older. so nice to not hear them nor no what they are doing for minutes at a time (and there is no crying/yelling). :)
grant needs to go to china for work in the spring but i will have a newborn at that time. WILL I SURVIVE?!?!? haha