Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I should have just texted this, but I'm too old for that

Dear Emily, Ashley, Brianna or some other really popular name in 1997 when you were born,

Thanks for stopping by my 9:15 spinning class this morning. It was great to have you join us (and by us, I do mean the 17 other stay at home moms of the greater Dayton area who regularly attend the Tuesday morning class.) It was also really great that you decided to put your towel and your ear buds on one of the only 7 *new* bikes that monitor heart rate, RPM's (that means how fast your legs are going... you seemed a bit confused by that one) and has an actual working gear on it, so that you could save it at 7:30am when you arrived- or so I heard you tell your friend. I thought I should let you know that next time you come, you are suppose to get a pass that reserves your bike... not your towel or ear buds. But I'm not bitter.

I just wanted to let you know, I really enjoyed my work out on the squeaky bike that was left when I got in there fifteen minutes before class even started. I also enjoyed the lesson I got in prayer. Because after the first 25 minutes of class when I thought of all these clever barbs to throw at you for *taking one of the good bikes away from someone who really deserves it*, it seems as though God wanted to use you (and your size 0 in the Junior department shorts) to convict me and teach me about loving others and praying for them. So, I thought I should let you know that I spent the rest of the work out (while I wasn't gasping for air, gulping down water or wiping sweat from my eyes) praying for you. Blessing you - rather than cursing you. Praying that you would not have to endure body issues like so many young (and even some of us old) girls do. I prayed that although you weren't following the instructors orders or even breaking a sweat, you would have a great work out and feel refreshed afterward. I asked God to forgive me for feeling a sense of entitlement.

So Emilyashleybrianna, have a great day. But next Tuesday at 9am, I hope you join some of your other tween friends as they down load some Justin Beiber tunes, hit Justice at the mall or ride your Huffys around the neighborhood. Because I'll pray during one class, but come second class- I'll toss you out by your cute little pony tail.

your new BFF, the old lady in the row behind you


Steve said...

just read your comment out load to my 12 friends here in G-burg. got a lot of laughs from all....especially Dee. Hilarious! Ashleyemilybrianna better proceed with caution. its best for them that they don't go anywhere near springbororo's Y next Tuesday for spinning. I love you and miss you tons. S

KTC said...


eva said...

hilarious! loved this.

Katie O. said...

I'm laughing out loud at the computer. Nice work E.