Monday, August 9, 2010

It's more of a mix n match kind of thing

Here is my bloggy disclaimer:
These pictures have nothing to do with anything. And really neither will most of this post.
These were pictures taken two weekends ago at my high school reunion. And *some day*, I'll get around to posting pics of the adults that were there, but that would require me hiking up to the 3rd floor of our house (it sounds cooler when I call it the 3rd floor rather than the attic) to retrieve photographic and damning evidence that the lovely ladies in my current photos did, once upon a time, have hair bigger than many 80's rock bands. But frankly, I'm too lazy to do so. Therefore, you have silly pics of my kids.

We did a lot of nothing important over the weekend. We swam on Friday night. We worked out, shopped and went to church on Saturday.

Sunday, the 5 of us showed up at the UD women's soccer team practice to hand out watermelon and Popsicles. Olivia got a blister. We later attended a graduation party for a boy we know who just graduated high school. His school colors were blue and white. They had blue cupcakes: we had blue poop. Gross. FYI- when hosting a party, fore go the blue icing. Its nasty coming AND going.
Today, I find myself staring down Monday, a bit depressed. Tonight there will be no Bachelorette and I'm not sure how to spend those 2 hours. I could clean. I could read. I could talk to my husband.
I know in an earlier post I mentioned I was looking forward to Bachelor Pad. I have to say, after seeing multiple commercials for the show, I have made the decision to pass on this show. You see, there is trash and then there is TRASH. There was plenty of stuff I could not condone on the Bachelor/ette, but this seems to be a new level and knowing my husband *might* be around, I can't let into my living room. (Hey, even I have my limits.) Now if you are planning on tuning in, don't hear judgement from me (in fact, I wouldn't mind a little fill in on the show!)
Any suggestions on how to use my new found bonus 2 hours a week would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I'll use the time to root through some boxes on the 3rd floor for an exciting 80's hair post. Hey, I said maybe.

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Katie O. said...

oh not watch the Bachelor Pad. I have not tuned in, but one of my roommates did and says it's 'not as bad as you might think' but my vote is 'just say no' to watching that trash!! I was subjected to 3 hours of the finale (since my roommates were visiting) and I'm going to ban that new show from your living room. Pretty soon your Mondays will be busy again :D