Thursday, July 7, 2011

More than we bargained for

Our 4th of July weekend was what you *might* call full.

We went to the pool. We had friends from NYC over for dinner.

We went to a festival, where it was 95 degrees. The kids made crafts. Drums. The craft that keeps on giving!
We ate overpriced ice cream.

We had dinner with more friends.
We went to church.

We took a short rest.

We went to our first ever fireworks show as a family. The nice thing was we could walk.

We sat away from the big crowds and beat them out afterthe show too.

The boys didn't love the loud booms.

Olivia and I did!

We marched in our neighborhood's parade.

We won most decorated family. We even got a trophy.

We broke the trophy.

We ended our weekend at our neighborhood picnic. It was great fun until Turner took a baseball bat to the face.

We then officially ended our weekend with a trip the Emergency Room. It is a miracle (literally) that he ended up with only 3 stitches. Nothing broken. No concussion. Only a minor heart attack for Steve and I. With all the blood and screaming it was touch and go there for awhile (for us, not him.)

I think next holiday, we're going to go a bit more low-key!


vwiller said...

Nope, other then the ER visit it sounds perfect!!

Cindy Q said...

E, we need a photo of the 3 stitches on Turner. After all Garrison Keillor says, "It's a shallow life that doesn't give a person a few scars."

Julie said...

what a fum family weekend!

Colleen said...

if it's any help at all K80's broken the same arm 3 times and has 3 sets of stitches. Seth has had 2 sets of stitches and the wild one in our family... Caleb has had none of the above.

I also heard once that chicks dig scars...

Doing the happy dance though that you are CANCER FREE! WHOOOHOOOO!
Sending much love and many prayers your way.

jenny from mommin' it up said...

your kids have the most character of any family! And it always shows thru in their pics! Sorry your 4th was so *eventful*.

Rose said...

On the upside, you probably knew half the staff at the hospital and perhaps received faster treatment????? Really, glad to hear he was okay! congratulations on the official word of cancer free! We have been up at the lake for 12 wonderful days so I am out of touch with email. (how peaceful!) Enjoy your summer E!