Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fashionably late

A week ago today we celebrated my being cancer-free. It turned out to be a lovely day. Hot. But lovely.

Steve and I counted up the people who came. To our surprise, over 70 friends braved the heat and humidity to celebrate with us. Two of my Bachelorette watching buddies escaped for the afternoon and lent a hand in helping me set up a bit.

With three kids, things always seem to take a bit longer than expected. Thankfully, my expectation for the afternoon was casual so I didn't get too stressed out.

One of my new favorite things on line is Pinterest. If you have not checked it out... go and do it now!

I was able to find some yummy recipes and tried them for the shin dig.

My friend, Cortney, who baked Olivia's cake for her birthday, baked my amazing cake.

My *theme* during this rough stretch (who has a cancer theme?) has been Psalm 34:8, "Taste and see that the Lord is good." I guess that comes in handy when you finally throw your party!

Our sweet neighbor, Monica, brought a delicious and huge watermelon. It was a hit.

And finally, I thought it would be fitting to put a picture of our *Nanny* up. I think many of you may have a picture of Mrs. Doubtfire in your mind.


This is sweet Linnea. The Nanny.

Isn't she adorable?! My kids are in detox right now. Every day, it's, "Is Linnea coming today?" And when I tell them no she is not coming everyday any more, it's like I killed their puppy or something.

However, they will get her Monday. I'm having a short outpatient surgery to get my abdominal port removed. Oh happy day! Although I am not looking forward to surgery, I am looking forward to getting this annoying thing removed! I'm also looking forward to never having to deal with abdominal chemo again! Prayers welcome that all goes well Monday afternoon.


Cindy Q said...

Looks like a fun. Too bad we missed it but we're praising God with you here in NYC! YIPPEE cancer free. Great photos, thanks for posting.

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Awesome! Sounds like it was a great day!

vwiller said...

SO glad to see the sad to have missed it! But so amazingly thankful that you got to have this party!!!

Jill said...

We were hoping to make it, but my kids were napping the entire time. Please know that your family has been in our prayers and we are soo thankful for the wonderful news!!! Doudicans

jenny said...

Glad so many people were able to celebrate you and God's faithfulness in your life! It was a perfect day! So very thankful for you!

Anonymous said...

so proud of you - oh, the Lord has been faithful. and you have been so patient. and enduring. and good humored. well done. press on! and are you coming to my house already?! :) xo kj

Momma of The B.M.C. Report said...

It was such a great day! I am so thankful that so many were able to celebrate with you. God has truly been faithful and I am so thankful for you, your honesty, your realness, your humor and most of all your friendship! Love ya! xoxox

{By the way, I need a copy of that picture of the three of us!! Love it}

Julie said...

Bummed we missed it, glad it was a good time!