Friday, July 22, 2011

Life would be dull without a little crazy

Dang, I'm having a struggle keeping up on my blog. It's mostly because we are having so much fun. We are busy busy busy. It's not for the lack of postable stuff, it's just that at the end of the day I'm not feeling like posting. Is this what you call the dog days of blogging?

Post-surgery I've been feeling great! It's been too hot to do just about anything longer than 10 minutes outside. We bought the kids a pretty nice sized blow up pool. Which is really great for them, but pretty miserable for me. They are cool and happy and I'm sitting there sweating my buns off. And contrary to popular belief, being bald does NOT keep you any cooler!

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. No big news. It's standard. With my new phase of chemo (which Steve and I have given the pet name of *Chemo Lite*... who has a pet name for their chemo???) I go once every three weeks for an hour of chemo and then once at the end of those same three weeks for a Dr.'s appointment- for the next year. There were no scans or blood tests to review, so I knew it would be pretty no big deal. He mostly wanted to check my incision from Monday and answer any questions I had.

I only had two. Since all of this has happened, I've turned into a crazy loony hypochondriac. I had a question about my arm pit (which I was pretty sure was lymphoma... it's not. It's just the way my arm pit was made) and my throat (which I was pretty sure was throat cancer... it's not either. It's just tonsil stones.) I left the office feeling much relief. I'm pretty sure my doctor must think I'm a grade A whack job.

So, I could enter today rather care free. Which was good since we had a birthday party to attend and then later tonight Steve and I are going to dinner and a movie with some friends and finally it's off to another kid birthday party tomorrow evening.

See? With all this craziness (literally and figuratively) who has time to blog?

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vwiller said...

It is summer no one blogs as much..though there is more to blog about, no one posts on FB as much...I figure it is a summer hiatus until things slow into the fall I am trying to do more with my kids, and hopefully will post about some of our adventures soon as well...for now it is mostly just pictures on FB with running commentary. But I miss blogging more.