Saturday, July 2, 2011

It made me smile

So yesterday, the kids and I spent about 8 hours outside. It was a little warm and I got a little sun burnt, but it was a wonderful day. Before heading out to the park and then on to the pool, I felt I needed a little pick me up in the form of a Frappacino. I headed to the Starbucks closest to my favorite park in hopes that it wouldn't totally melt before we made it to the park.

I was in my swimsuit top w/shorts and decided to run in without my hat. This weekend around here (and probably around where you are too) it is H.O.T. not to mention humid. Way too hot for a hat and perfect for a girl with no hair. This particular Starbucks is in a bit of a snooty community (no offense to my friends who live there... you know I'm not talking about you!) and it did run through my mind perhaps I should wear a hat. But shoot, I just didn't.

I got up to the counter and ordered and the barrista told me that my drink would be on her today. I didn't know if I heard her right, I've never had anyone do that before. "Excuse me?" Yep, she repeated herself, followed by a "And by the way, you are BEAUTIFUL! You are really rocking that look." I smiled and teared up and thanked her. Off I went with my free Frappacino.

I'm not sure why her generous act, and more so her words, touched me so much. It's just that she was so genuine. I didn't feel like a charity case, more like God just wanted to encourage me and He used a Starbucks employee to do so.

It reminded me how powerful our words are and how stingy I am sometimes. So I encourage both you and myself to be generous with our words and compliments. It might really brighten some one's day.


Heather Ruetschle said...

Hahaahaa I am sure it was Tiffany Marit who was the barista!!! Nothing better than a free Starbucks on a hot day!

KTC said...

that is so great!! What a treat - in so many ways!

Colleen said...

that teared me up! i love it when God blesses his people in such simple ways! Love you girl... and I am certain you can ROCK any look you ever desire... even a MOHAWK!


jenny said...

That is super sweet! And you are BEAUTIFUL, E! Truly! What a lovely blessing from a stranger!

Kris said...

I'm with Heather. Bet a ton of money that was our friend Tiffany Marit. Sounds just like something she would do.

Tracy Staley said...

Okay, I have to comment!! I have been reading your blog for a while now after hearing about it from Sally Hardy (we go to PPC with her). (I also know Heather Ruetschle! Hi Heather! I'm in her Bible study)
I was in Starbucks when that happened! I didn't know that she gave you a free drink, but I did hear a bit of what she said. I wanted to introduce myself to you but I didn't want to be all blog-lurker creepy on you. I also saw you later that afternoon at Kettering Rec. We were in the baby pool at the same time.
So, I am delurking. I've prayed for you and enjoyed your blog. So glad you are cancer free and so glad to hear you scored a free drink. said...

It was absolutely Tiffany. She gave the same gift to me one day...and I'm not talking bout the coffee:)