Friday, May 13, 2011

Grab a beverage and settle in... it's a long one!

This whole not having a computer thing is throwing me off my bloggy game. Sorry about that. So much has happened that I'm not sure where to even begin the update. Brief (or not so brief) overview: Mother's Day around here was great. We decided to spend our gorgeous spring day (temp in the 70's with a partly cloudy day) at the Cincinnati Zoo. It was perfect. Although, I did forget how tiring the zoo is. We spent about three and a half hours there and saw just about everything, which included a lot of lifting little kids so they could get a good look. On the drive home I realized my body was screaming at me. At times I forget that I'm not 100% yet operate like I am. And then I took a pain pill.

The visit to my dad's was great. We had a wonderful over night. I even had the best sleep I've had in months. I kind of wonder if it was also a bit of a *vacation from my problems* (bonus points if you can name that movie!).

This week we were right back at 'em. Even though it was my "week off" I was over at the hospital twice. Tuesday was a CT scan and Thursday was blood work and a visit with the doctor. I found Wednesday night I got a little cranky as the results of the CT scan loomed ahead of me. Thankfully, I found out that my *cancer numbers* have fallen once again. From 15 to 12 this time. And the CT scan was all clear. Lots to be thankful for.

As is the weather this week. Oh, I hope that you have had the same weather we have had. We've busted out the shorts and flip flops and have spent HOURS outside. It's been such a gift on my *good week.*

Last night I got a call from the Dr's office telling me that my white blood cell count is low and this means that my immunity is low. I will need to stear clear of sick people (good luck when you live with three snotty nosed little kids) and crowds. We also need to see the numbers rise in order for me to be able to receive treatment on Monday. They don't want me taking any chances getting sick. That put a damper on my Zumba plans for the morning, which put me in a bit of a funk.

I was able to pull out my Bible and read some verses about trusting God. I had lost sight of the big picture. His plans vs. my plans. His healing vs. my controlling. His sovereignty vs. my worry. It was very helpful. I'm still a bit dreading round 5 on Monday, but with the threat of not being able to carry on as planned, I find myself asking God to allow me to be able to press on. A good perspective changer, I guess.

So... thanks for hanging in there with me for this super long post. I'm thinking about giving my American Idol two cents tomorrow. I actually have about a dime's worth after this week. Tune in and find out! And feel free to throw up a prayer or two on behalf of my stingy immune system.


The Wellmans said...

I love What About Bob! Perhaps that's where the quote came from?! Praying you all stay healthy, especially during this crazy up and down weather we're getting.

The Halters said...

i'm so glad to 'hear' from you. i check for you each morning along with my other news and interest sites. you are an incredible sis-in-Christ to share openly with us how this all fells. i had a girlfriend who went through so much with cancer and she would never open up. i suppose she did what she needed to do,but....i digress. anyway...i am so glad you had some time to enjoy yourself and the fam. you are in my prayers and God's hand. may rest and peace be yours....luvu, sharon

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Glad to hear from you today. Praying for that immune system.

vwiller said...

Of course prayers are coming...interested to hear your take on AI. I don't watch but enjoy hearing your thoughts on it.