Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Going on a treasure hunt

Well, I had plans of uploading some pictures from last weekend. Olivia's field day, the date Steve and I went on, the new dress from Banana Republic I bought. It was a great weekend and I've erred too far on the side of words only on this blog. But once again, the queen of good intentions strikes again. I'll get around to those pics one of these days.

I wanted to post a quick one here to let you know that I made it through my next to last rough Tuesday. Tuesday is my killer chemo day. And I usually call this my *rough week.* I've been reading a cool devotional since November called Jesus Calling. On our way to chemo on Monday I read some verses about God placing hidden treasures in your life. I decided rather than focusing on the rough of this week, I'm going to look for the hidden treasures that the Lord places throughout the days. True, it's still rough. I had bad bloating last night and have been nauseous. But Grandma is here and the weather is beautiful. This is my next to last round of chemo. My numbers are great. My prognosis is excellent. They have decided to give me a certain shot after this round and the next that will boost my white blood cell count so I don't have to worry about that from here on out. (Apparently the shots will make my bones hurt, but that's part of the rough.)

This shift in thinking does not come naturally for me. As you know, I tend to focus on the negatives and what if's. But it is true that He has gems hidden in my day. Like a treasure hunt. I have to lift the stones and find them. I have to say, it's really helped my mind set. And I am thankful.

Rough is still rough. But a treasure hunt is more fun!


kristen said...

I love the treasure hunt idea...go with it, E! i know the shot you're getting, too - I had it a few times, and yes, it will make you achy and your bones hurt (very weird feeling to explain; just use motrin). Take care, and keep up that great attitude!

Colleen said...

who doesn't love a great treasure hunt. you might find a great abundance of bootie (that's pirate talk not pervert talk! hahahahhaha, yes i have a strange sense of humor!)

I know how the negative can creep in it's like a snake on the prowl or a wolf at night... I prefer to think of it as that unexpected skunk you find while camping. It'll stink things up but won't necessarily ruin your day!

You journey is so pure and raw. God's blessed you with so many gifts and I am truly honored to call you my internet girl friend!

Keep your head high, prayers going and kisses abundant with your beautiful family!

KTC said...

love you friend!

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

Excited to see what your treasure hunt reveals. Praying for you this week (and always)!

jenny from mommin' it up said...

Even though Chemo is over soon (yay!) I think the treasure hunt will go on for years to come...that God will keep showing you and surprising you with treasures that have come out of this for a long time! Love you lots friend.

Marisa said...

Just catching up on your posts. I'm hoping you find some wonderful things on your treasure hunt!

Lisa said...

Hey E! Just reading up on your week. My week was busy with work, excessively tired, and computer hard drive died. Thankfully I can read your blog on my phone!

LOVE the treasure search idea!!!! There are so many little things the Lord graces us with to keep us going with hope! I'm excited to hear what you find. Love you and praying for you!