Saturday, May 14, 2011

For what it's worth

As promised, here are my thoughts on American Idol. Hmm, where do I begin? I have to say, this season has not been my favorite. It's not really because of the new judges, although I desperately miss Simon. Although he was a bit too tough on contestants at times, overall I generally agreed with and appreciated his honest assessment of the contestants. I thought he was funny and added an edge to the show that I feel the audience came to expect. Every show has to have someone you love to hate. Or love to love.. whatever the case may be. I think his presence and his opinion were actually good for the kids on stage, it toughened them up. (But then again, what do I know? I've never been on stage a day in my life.)

This season, Randy has come the closest to being tough, and that is nearly a joke. In fact this week he spoke some truth to Haley and the crowd booed (I'm okay with that) but Haley sassed back! What the??? Since when do contestants sass back to constructive criticism? Especially when your performance was NOT GOOD? Oh my, Simon would have never taken it.

That is my 2 cents on the judges. Toughen up Stephen, Jennifer and Randy, that's what we pay you for!

Here is my big rant... I have an issue with the Thursday night results show. Generally, I'm not one to get too bunged up about stuff on tv. If it doesn't mesh with my values, I don't watch. We didn't have cable for our whole marriage (until cancer hit) because I don't like a lot of what it has to offer and it's been my choice to not pay for smut. But American Idol touts itself as a family show. Lots of pre-teens in the audience and now they let 15 year olds try out. I like that it's been a show that my friends with older kids could watch together. But hello results show, you are no longer family friendly.

Stephen Tyler is a loose canon. There are so many bleep outs, I'd be really disappointed if I was a parent with a young child in the live audience.

The musical guests and music videos they show are just not always appropriate. Lady Gaga? What were they thinking? J Lo has had two videos where she was practically naked. And did you see the Stephen Tyler video this week? The two girls who were the *love interests* in the video were younger than his two daughters. Nasty. And he did a pat-a-cake thing on the one girl's butt. So inappropriate. I don't really consider myself a prude, but I do think if they want to continue to market to a family crowd, they'd better clean it up.

Not to mention the 16 year old female contestants in their low cut tops and high cut skirts and crazy make-up. I fear for the pressure Olivia will feel when she gets that age to not dress and look her age. If those are the role models, whoah buddy. Rant over.

With all that said, every other season that I have watched the show I have had an early favorite. This year, not so much. I liked Paul. He was voted off early. I was sad but not devastated (I figured he wouldn't make it too far.) Then I was liking Casey. He was weird but good. He too was voted off early. Now we are down to the bottom three. Haley, the sassy pants, should NOT be the idol. At this point, if I were voting (which I'm not, so I might as well shut my face) Scotty, the sweet little 17 year old county singer, would have my vote. I like him. I like his voice. I like what he stands for. I might move South just because of him (oh, and the weather).

Really, this season, I'm just kind of, meh, whatever. That makes me sad.

Good thing there's always next year.


Colleen said...

You don't know me, we've never met, but I went to school w/ Steve (St. John's). Julie Bryant O'Connor suggested I follow your blog. I was just told I have OC (still have a hard time saying the words). I have spent the last several hours reading thru your entries. I'm so blessed by your words, your realism and your faith. Thank you for sharing your journey w/ me and tell Steve I said "hi".

In His Grip and by His Grace,

Marisa said...

I agree with you totally. I about fell off the couch with the Lady Gaga video they showed on the results show. And not to mention she looked sorta creepy with all the make-up when she was giving the contestants advice. Hope next year is better or else it probably won't make it on my "things to watch" list.

Greg&Kara said...

totally agree on the judges. i miss the honest criticism of bad performances or bad singing that simon would provide. and the judges are supposed to critique to help america be better judges. instead they just 'love' everyone's performances.
i'm a fan of lauren and scotty. we'll see who wins. i think scotty will be successful, lauren not so much. but its fun to watch.
i usually watch the results show on DVR so i can fast forward thru all the guest artists and promotional spots for the judges .