Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Right on cue

As if the weather knew that the calender flipped to December today, we woke up to flurries.

Small and delicate flurries. But snow nonetheless.

Olivia came home from school declaring she had made snowballs at recess.
I'm not sure what kind of snow balls she made from this stuff, but I've got some excited kids that's for sure.
The first snow is so magical.
Snow in March... not so much. Remind me in about four months of my early excitement as I'm cursing this stuff and threatening to move to Florida.
As for today, I'm sitting in my toasty home, listening to Christmas music and dreaming of a White Christmas. Loving every minute of it.

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Colleen said...

The girls were hoping to be able to make snowmen today. Not so much, but those days will be here soon. I was surprised to find out at pick up that they couldn't play in the grass during lunch recess if they didn't have snowpants and boots! Seriously? Sometimes people are a tad extreme!